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Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements

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  • Description
    Increase your muscle hardness, reduce estrogen, reduce prolactin, and reduce body fat all while boosting your libido, with Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements!

    Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements

    Want to Terminate Estrogen and Escalate Test? Hard Rock Supplements is proud to present Terminate! Increase your muscle hardness, reduce estrogen, reduce prolactin, and reduce body fat all while boosting your libido! Terminate's formula is second to none, by using effective ingredients at efficacious dosages, Terminate synergistically brings you the best in estro blocking on the market today! Whether you are running a cycle and want to get estrogen in check or if you are looking for a stand alone estrogen blocker and muscle hardener, Terminate delivers! Get serious about your body, Terminate what's not wanted, and escalate what is! 

    Key Benefits:

    • Helps Increase Muscle Hardness*
    • Helps Reduce Estrogen Levels*
    • Helps Boost Libido*
    • Helps Boost Testosterone Levels*
    • Helps Increase Strength*
    • Helps Increase Vascularity*
    • Helps Reduce Body Fat*
    • Helps Reduce Water Retention*
    • Helps Reduce Cortisol Levels*
    • Helps Improve Mood & Sense of Well-Being*

    Key Ingredients:  

    Trans Resveratrol 50%: When taken in high dosages this herbal extract will aid in estrogen blocking, estrogen balance, anti-aging, balancing your immune system, boosts cellular energy, and provides antioxidant protection.

    Androst: A natural compound that is a metabolite of DHEA, Androst is known as an "aromatase inhibitor." Aromatase is the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, as an inhibitor of aromatase, Androst binds to the aromatase enzyme preventing it from converting your testosterone into estrogen. This prevents the production of excess estrogen and also results in higher testosterone levels, as by preventing the conversion to estrogen, your body's testosterone levels remain higher. Additionally, it helps to reduce cortisol, which is a hormone that actually causes muscle catabolism and increases in fat. As a standalone ingredient Androst helps to increase muscle hardness and reduce body fat and water retention.

    Boron: An essential mineral required by the body for bone growth but has also been shown to help reduce SHBG levels, therefore, promoting increased testosterone levels.

    Boron Glycinate: This ingredient is used for building strong bones, as well as an aid for building your muscles, and most importantly increasing your testosterone levels. 

    Zinc:  A study researched the effects of zinc supplementation. It found that men who supplemented zinc showed increased levels of free testosterone in their bodies.*

    LongJack: This ingredient supports increased sex drive through multiple pathways, including through the influence of free testosterone sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and aromatase activity. SHBG is a protein which inhibits the circulation of your free testosterone by binding it up and making it unavailable - LongJack has been suggested to impact SHBG based on clinical studies. Studies have also shown it to have anti-aromatase properties similar to Formestane, which leads to decreased estrogen and increased testosterone.

    Shilajit: A nutrient and mineral rich biomass containing many medicinal humic and fulvic acids that has been touted for thousands of years for being the best carrier of energy and nutrition to the human body. Shilajit has been shown in recent studies to help increase both testosterone secretion and stimulation.

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    Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements Ingredients

    Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements - Supplement Facts

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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