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Testosterone 21 by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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    Feel like 21 again with Testosterone 21 by Hi Tech Pharma Now!

    Testosterone 21 by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

    Want to feel like you are 21 again? Want the libido, energy and recovery that comes with a younger more viral youth? Testosterone 21 by Hi Tech offers its users a chance, with its powerhouse formula. A nicely dosed Fadogia Agrestris, Tongkat Ali and KSM-66 offer improvements in test, lean muscle, libido, stamina and recovery. In fact one ingredient, Fadogia showed that after just 5 days of consistent use users saw an increase in testosterone in their blood levels. We are all aware of how important and crucial proper test levels are to ones energy, body and well being, Hi Tech delivers with Testostrone 21. Feel like 21 again with Testosterone 21 by Hi Tech Pharma Now! 

    Key Benefits:

    • Increase Test Levels
    • Improve Recovery
    • Improve Lean Muscle
    • Reduce Cortisol
    • Fully Dosed Formula
    • Improve Strength


    Key Ingredients:

    Fadogia Agrestis PE:  Fadogia Agrestis is an herb that is indigenous to Africa that has been used for centuries as a male aphrodisiac and has been shown in rodent studies to potently increase testosterone and boost libido. Unlike other aphrodisiacs, Fadogia Agrestis has also demonstrated an ability to increase ejaculation latency; potentially allowing men to last longer in bed. Several studies have implicated the Saponin content of Fadogia in enhancing testosterone and aphrodisiac properties through the increase of luteinizing hormone (LH) within the body. Under normal conditions LH is released in order to maintain testosterone within a given range, however as LH is increased, this allows the stimulation of increased testosterone production.

    KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root Extract:  KSM-66® is a high quality Ashwagandha extract produced by Ixoreal that was in development for over 14 years. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb that is commonly associated with helping with anxiety. In the case of KSM-66®, it has also been shown to improve semen quality by increasing serum levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH), while reducing levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). In addition to helping optimize important anabolic hormones, Ashwagandha helps reduce levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone in the body and chronically elevated levels of it can suppress testosterone production and inhibit anabolism.

    Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali):  An extract developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and male fertility, Tongkat Ali supports increased sex drive through multiple pathways, including through the influence of free testosterone sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and aromatase activity. SHBG is a protein which inhibits the circulation of your free testosterone by binding it up and making it unavailable - Tongkat Ali has been suggested to impact SHBG based on clinical studies. Studies have also shown it to have anti-aromatase properties similar to Formestane, which leads to decreased estrogen and increased testosterone.


    Testosterone 21 bu Hi Tech Pharma



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    Testosterone 21 by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

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