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Understanding Testosterone and Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is hugely important. Not just in the bodybuilding get fit world but in everyday life and in everyday body functions. Testosterone is created in the testes and is responsible for stimulating your sperm production and also building muscle mass and bone mass. Low testosterone in the body can lead to real unwanted results. Low test can decrease muscle mass and increase body fat. Low T (testosterone) has also been linked to diabetes, erectile dysfunction as well as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Low test can create fragile bones and reek havoc on your libido/sex life, it also has been reported that men with Low testosterone levels have had extreme fatigue, and a serious drops in energy levels. As men grow older natural testosterone production decreases and with the horrible effects of this listed earlier we in no way want to experience that. So we need to ask the question of how to increase testosterone.


How do I increase testosterone?

Testosterone can be increased! That's the good news. There are a few way that one can do this. You can see your Doctor and get an expensive prescription or you can boost it naturally. Since here at StrongSupplementShop.com we are not Dr.'s, we are going to cover the other side of the coin. How to boost your testosterone without a prescription. This can be done naturally with ingredients that I will cover shortly or you can increase your testosterone levels temporarily with a prohormone. The latter will need a natural test booster anyway, so it really depends on your goals which avenue you take. 

With natural test boosters one can see positive results that can last long and not hurt the body in the process. Here are some ingredients that we have received positive feed back from that raise testosterone naturally:


DAA or D-Aspartic-Acid: Results have shown a 42% increase in testosterone levels after just 12 days of consistent use, now that is impressive. This ingredient can be found in DAA Max by Vital Labs.


Tribulus: a flowering plant that claims to increase testosterone levels by raising the luteinizing hormone. This action in turn sends a signal to the testes to make testosterone. This ingredient can be found in supplements like Hardcore Test by Myogenix as well as TestoShred by EPG.


Fenugreek: This ingredient contain high amounts of furostanolic saponins. This is a natural plant chemical and has shown that it can raise test levels. This ingredient can be found in Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs


Bulbine Natalensis: Bulbine is an herb that showed an increase in test levels overall when tested on rats. The bulbine herb is found in Southern and Eastern Africa. In some rats they discovered an increase of 346% in testosterone. Bulbine can be found in Ultra Male Rx by IronMag Labs


What is the best testosterone booster?

For natural Testosterone boosting we recommend DAA Max by Vital Labs, it contains D-Aspartic Acid and offers a great value at a low price. 


What are normal testosterone levels? What are low and high testosterone levels in men?

Normal testosterone levels are that of above 350 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). Anything below 300 is considered extremely Low T (testosterone) and should be looked at carefully to repair and boost. 

Something to consider when using ng/dl as a testosterone measuring stick is your age. Age plays a big factor in what is considered normal. 

For men ages 25-54 normal is much higher than what is considered normal for men overall. 

Ages vs. Test Levels:

Under  Age 25: 690

Ages 25-39: 670

Ages 30-34: 621

Ages 35-39: 597

Ages 40-44: 597

Ages 45-49: 546

Ages 50-54: 544


If you are looking for the benefits of a nice level of testosterone you need to reach for optimal not just average. The reason for this is higher test levels have many advantages like building solid muscle mass, reducing fat and havinge a nice libido and sex drive. Who wants to be average? Not me. So let's boost up your T-Levels and get the great benefits that comes with it! 


Our best selling Testosterone Boosters: 

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  1. Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs
    Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs
    97% of 100
  2. DAA Max by Vital Alchemy
    DAA Max by Vital Alchemy
    96% of 100
  3. Testoshred by EPG
    Testoshred by EPG
    95% of 100
  4. Test1fy by Olympus Labs
    Test1fy by Olympus Labs
    100% of 100
  5. Ultra Male by IronMag Labs
    Ultra Male by IronMag Labs
    95% of 100
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