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Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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    Increase testosterone, strength, energy and libido!

    Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

    Boost your testosterone levels the natural way with the Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Packed with 400mg of pure Eurycoma longifolia root extract, this premium supplement is your go-to solution for increased energy, enhanced muscle growth, and improved libido. Discover the potent benefits of Tongkat Ali, a traditional aphrodisiac rooted in centuries of use. Unleash unparalleled vigor and vitality, whether you're conquering the gym or enjoying intimate moments. Get Tongkat Ali now - your partner in natural, powerful, and effective testosterone boosting.

    Key Benefits of Hi Tech Tongkat Ali:

    • Boosts Natural Testosterone: Infused with the potent Eurycoma longifolia root extract, this supplement is designed to naturally amplify testosterone levels, promoting vigor and vitality.

    • Enhances Physical Performance: With increased testosterone, witness a surge in your energy levels and improved athletic performance.

    • Supports Muscle Growth: Enhanced testosterone can lead to better muscle development and faster recovery.

    • Improves Libido and Sexual Health: Tongkat Ali is traditionally recognized for its aphrodisiac properties, assisting in boosting sexual drive and performance.

    • Promotes Overall Well-being: Apart from fitness benefits, consistent testosterone levels can support mood enhancement and overall well-being.


    Key Ingredient: 

    Eurycoma longifolia Root Extract (100:1)(Tongkay Ali TK100) - 400mg

    This ingredient is commonly known as Tongkat Ali or Malaysian Ginseng, is a traditional medicinal plant native to Southeast Asian countries. It's renowned for its potential benefits related to energy, stamina, and sexual health.

    The Science:

    1. Testosterone Boosting: One of the most acclaimed effects of Tongkat Ali is its ability to naturally increase testosterone levels. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2013 found that men who took an Eurycoma longifolia supplement experienced a significant rise in testosterone levels compared to those who took a placebo.

      Source: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2013

    2. Enhanced Libido and Sexual Health: Traditional use and some studies suggest that Tongkat Ali can improve libido and erectile function. A 2012 study found that men with moderate stress and taking the plant extract reported improved sexual performance and satisfaction.

      Source: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2012

    3. Stress and Mood Enhancement: Eurycoma longifolia may have anxiolytic properties, which can help in reducing anxiety and stress. A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found a decrease in tension, anger, and confusion among participants after consuming Tongkat Ali extract.

      Source: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2013

    4. Muscle Strength and Mass: Due to its potential to increase testosterone levels, Eurycoma longifolia might assist in promoting muscle growth and strength, especially in individuals engaged in resistance training or similar activities.


    When the extract is labeled as 100:1, it indicates a highly concentrated form. This means that it took 100 parts of the raw plant to produce 1 part of the extract. So, a 400mg dosage of a 100:1 extract is derived from 40 grams of the raw plant.

    However, it's important to understand that while Tongkat Ali has been shown to offer multiple benefits, its effects can vary based on the individual's body, the quality of the extract, and the dosage. As with any supplement, always consult a healthcare professional before usage.

    Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract by Hi Tech

    Relevant Questions and Answers on Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract:

    Q: How do I use Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract?

    A: For optimal results, follow the recommended dosage on the label or consult with your healthcare professional. The bottle serving size 1 1 Tablet and Suggested use is: Take 1 tablet twice daily with meals. Optimal effectiveness should be fet within 1 to 3 weeks of contoinous uninterrupted consumption. 

    Q: Can women use this product?

    A: While primarily designed for men, women can also benefit from Tongkat Ali's energy-boosting properties. However, it's advisable for women to consult with a healthcare professional before use.

    Q: Are there any side effects?

    A: Tongkat Ali is a natural ingredient and generally considered safe. However, as with all supplements, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new regimen.

    Q: How long before I see results?

    A: Results can vary based on individual factors. Most users notice improved energy and mood within a few weeks, with more significant benefits becoming apparent after consistent use for several months.

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