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Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements

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    Triple Your Anabolic Activity for a Deep Shred with 3X Stacked Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements!

    Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements


    Triple your Anabolic Activity with Hard Rock Supplements Anabolic Trinity!

    Build a rock hard ripped physique with a combination of three of the most effective anabolics available today, Androsterone, Epiandro, and Laxogenin!

    A trinity of highly potent anabolics at powerful dosages brought together to help you increase your strength, build stacks of lean muscle mass and rid your body of stubborn fat. Bring your deepest muscle cuts to the surface!

    You thought the Muscle Builders of that past were legit - you ain't seen nothing yet!

    Get Shredded to the Frick'n Bone with Anabolic Trinity!

    Key Benefits of Anabolic Trinity:

    • Helps Increase Lean Muscle Mass*
    • Helps Reduce Body Fat*
    • Promotes Increased Strength*
    • Helps Reduce Water Retention*
    • Supports Increased Muscle Hardness*
    • Helps Increase Muscle Definition*

    Key Ingredients of Anabolic Trinity:

    Epiandrosterone: This ingredient is a derivative of DHEA, and can be found naturally occurring in pine pollen. Epiandrosterone is a precursor to Stanolone, also known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Low levels of DHT causes a decreased sex drive and compromises the muscle building process. Proper and high levels of DHT promote an improved sex life, better overall mood, improvements in strength, muscle mass, and decreases in body fat and water retention.

    Laxogenin: Laxogenin is a sapogenin isolated from the plant Smilax Sieboldi. As a spirostanic analogue - teasterone, Laxogenin is noted for its growth promoting ability and is able to help increase protein synthesis, muscle mass, muscle recovery and strength gains.

    Androsterone: is a metabolite of testosterone that can also be found naturally occurring in pine pollen and converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a compound that hit the market years ago, but due to high production costs essentially caused many companies to skip using it. Androsterone's effects help users to increase muscle hardness, strength and improve vascularity. Additionally, this compound helps to increase fat loss through both an increase in lipolysis and the conversion of TSH to T4. The compound also helps to reduce estrogen-induced side effects such as gyno, water retention, and female fat pattern distribution. The compound has many similarities to Epiandrosterone, but research suggests that it is a considerably more potent androgen than epiandrosterone. Androsterone is also a potent compound and works as a modulator of the GABA receptor which makes it able to help influence mood and overall well-being.

    Agmatine Sulfate: A byproduct of Arginine, Agmatine is produced through a process called decarboxylation. This compound has gained much exposure in the supplement industry due to its ability to release growth hormone and its production of Nitric Oxide (muscle pumps). By helping to increase vasodilation, Agmatine Sulfate helps to drive blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your muscle cells for accelerated recovery and muscle building.

    Bergamottin: This is a substance naturally found in grapefruit and is a natural inhibitor of an enzyme found in the liver and intestines called CYP3A4. This enzyme plays a role in removing Androsterone from your body and breaks it down very fast causing much of the compound to just pass through your system. With Bergamottin inhibiting this process, the compounds break down is significantly reduced allowing for more of it to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

    How to Cycle Anabolic Trinity:

    Anabolic Trinity is designed for the advanced anabolic user who has done at least one cycle in the past 6 months. 

    With Anabolic Trinity there are two ways you can take it. You can take the full daily serving (4 capsules) right before your workout, or you can simply do (2) caps in the morning with food and (2) caps 6-8 hours later with food. Try to keep your dosing times consistent.

    Extremely advanced and aggressive users may cycle Anabolic Trinity for up to 8 weeks (2 bottles).

    On cycle support is not mandatory, but we highly suggest using it to keep your body running optimally so you can run a strong cycle! For this we suggest using Protex.

    If running Anabolic Trinity for 8 weeks, we suggest that you add in an estrogen blocker such as Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements to prevent any potential estrogen related side effects.

    Once you have finished your cycle you will want to follow it up with the post cycle stack of Post Cycle 3x and DAA Max to help keep your gains and normalize your hormone levels.

    Put your anabolic tolerance into shock and advance to the next stage of journey to get shredded. Get Anabolic Trinity Now!

    Anabolic Trinity Exclusively available at

    Warnings:This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product. Consult with your health care provider before using this product, especially if you are taking any prescription, over the counter medication, dietary supplement product or if you have any pre-existing medical condition including but not limited to: high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, psychiatric disease, diabetes, difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking a MAO-B inhibitor or any other medication. Discontinue use and immediately consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not exceed recommended serving. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
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    Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements Ingredients

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