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Can You Take Pre-Workout on a Plane?: Smart Traveling Tips

Can You Take Pre-Workout on a Plane?: Smart Traveling Tips

Posted by Leonard Shemtob on Apr 07, 2023

Can You Take Pre-Workout on a Plane?: Smart Traveling Tips

If you're a gym enthusiast who's planning on taking a vacation, you might be asking yourself "Can I take my protein powder on a plane?" or "Is it safe to take my pre-workout with me on my flight?"

If you're worried about traveling with your supplements, this blog article shares some useful tips on how to safely store and pack your gym goodies to avoid issues when going through security checks.

In the past, I've traveled with pre-workout supplements and typically stored them in plastic bags. While it may seem odd to store a white powder in a plastic bag, I've never encountered any problems when packing it this way. However, it's crucial to use a clear bag for your pre-workout.

TSA May Test Your Powders

According to the TSA website, you're allowed to bring pre-workout supplements on a plane, but be prepared for them to test for illicit substances. You can pack your pre-workout in either your carry-on or checked luggage.

When traveling with pre-workouts, remember the 3-1-1 rule. Each item is limited to a maximum volume of 3.4 ounces, and all items must be packed in a single quart-sized bag. Ensure your pre-workout weighs less than 12 ounces, as TSA officers may test any powder substances over this weight.

If your supplements are packed properly and there are no illegal ingredients contained in the formula, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you bring pre-workout on a plane?

Yes, you can bring pre-workout on a plane. Just like other supplements, pack your pre-workout in a clear, resealable bag or container, and follow TSA regulations for carrying powders in your carry-on or checked luggage. By packing your pre-workout the right way and following the rules, you can bring your pre-workout along with you on your travels without any issues.

Can you bring protein powder on a plane?

Absolutely, protein powder is allowed on planes. Like pre-workout, it's essential to pack protein powder in a clear, resealable bag or container. Adhering to the 3-1-1 rule for carry-on bags is also important.

Can you bring creatine on a plane?

Yes, you can bring creatine powder in your checked luggage. As with pre-workout and protein powder, pack creatine in a clear, resealable bag or container, and follow the TSA regulations for carry-on hand luggage or checked baggage.

Can I bring vitamins on a plane?

You can bring vitamins and supplements on a plane in both pill and powdered forms. To pack vitamins in pill form, use a pill case or organizer. Be prepared for possible inspection by TSA agents.

Can you bring other supplements on a plane?

Yes, you can bring most dietary supplements on a plane if you are flying domestically. Both in your carry-on and checked bag. Make sure to pack them properly and stick to TSA guidelines so you don't run into any problems during airport security checks. When traveling abroad, it's a good idea to check the rules about bringing supplements into the country you're headed to so you don't face any problems when you get there.

Tips for Packing Your Supplements For Hassle-Free Travel:

  1. Use small, clear containers for your pre-workout, only packing the amount you need for your trip.
  2. If you're bringing supplements in pill form, use a pill case or organizer for easy storage.
  3. Place all items in a resealable plastic bag to prevent leaks or spills in your luggage. Using clear bags makes it easier for TSA to inspect.
  4. Bring a copy of your supplement list or a photo of the original packaging, in case of emergency or if questioned by authorities.
  5. If you're heading overseas, take a look at the rules for supplements in the country you're visiting, so you don't run into any legal issues when you get there.

Refer to these links for additional information from TSA's website regarding travel with supplements:


In summary, you can definitely bring supplements like pre-workout, protein powder, creatine, and vitamins on a plane. Just make sure to pack them properly and stick to TSA rules for a hassle-free experience. By being properly informed and prepared, you can avoid running into any trouble when going through security checks at the airport.


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These links will provide valuable information on TSA guidelines for traveling with protein or energy powders, as well as their overall policy on powders.

Written and Sponsored by Leonard Shemtob

Leonard Shemtob is President of Strong Supplements. Leonard has been in the supplement space for over 20 years, specializing in fitness supplements and nutrition. Leonard appears on many podcasts, written over 100 articles about supplements and has studied nutrition, supplementation and bodybuilding. 

Leonard's articles have been published in many top publications around the web. Leonard enjoys weight training, playing basketball and yoga, and also enjoys hiking. In his free time he studies and works on improving himself. For more detailed information, visit his official blog.

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