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​Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Results 2024: Winners and Highlights

​Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Results 2024: Winners and Highlights

Posted by Leonard Shemtob on Jun 25, 2024

The 2024 Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Show, one of the premier professional bodybuilding competitions, took place on June 9, 2024, in Toronto, Canada. The event featured ten divisions, with the top competitors vying for Olympia qualification and pro cards.

Akim Williams took home the top prize in the highly competitive Men's Open division, earning his spot at the 2024 Mr. Olympia. Other notable winners included Giuseppe Christian Zagarella in the Men's 212 categories, Niall Darwen in Classic Physique, and Lena Ramsteiner in the Figure division. 

In this article, we'll dive into the results, revealing the champions and highlighting some of the competition's biggest moments.

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Short Summary

  • The Toronto Pro is considered one of the most prestigious professional bodybuilding competitions, with all open category winners earning Olympia qualification.
  • Akim Williams won the highly competitive Men's Open division, earning his qualification for the 2024 Mr. Olympia.
  • Other notable winners included Giuseppe Christian Zagarella in Men's 212, Niall Darren in Classic Physique, and Lena Ramsteiner in Figure.
  • The event featured over 150 IFBB Pro competitors from around the world, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication in the sport.
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2024 Toronto Pro Supershow Winners: All Division

  1. Men’s Open: Akim Williams
  2. Men’s 212 Bodybuilding: Giuseppe Christian Zagarella
  3. Classic Physique: Niall Darwen
  4. Men’s Physique: Drew Cullen
  5. Men’s Wheelchair: Kristof Hornos
  6. Figure: Lena Ramsteiner
  7. Bikini: Maxine Alexandra Somov
  8. Women’s Bodybuilding: Ava Melillo
  9. Women’s Physique: Tracey Guile
  10. Wellness: Alexis Nicole

2024 Toronto Pro Supershow Results Complete Result Breakdown

1- Men’s Open

The 2024 Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Show was filled with exciting moments, but perhaps the most anticipated was the showdown in the Men's Open division. All eyes were on the battle between top contenders Akim Williams and Quinton Eriya.

Akim Williams entered the competition with a clear goal in mind - to earn his qualification for the 2024 Mr. Olympia. Earlier this year, he had impressed the judges with a strong sixth-place finish at the 2024 Arnold Classic, showcasing significant improvements from the prejudging round to the finals.

Williams received unanimous top marks from the judges, marking his fifth career victory. He is now set to compete in his sixth Olympia. Previously, he achieved a sixth-place ranking at the 2020 Olympia but did not place in the top 15 in 2022. Notably, Williams did not participate in the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest.

  1. Winner — Akim Williams (United States)
  2. Second Place — Quinton Eriya (Canada)
  3. Third Place — John Jewett (United States)
  4. Fourth Place — Robin Strand (Canada)
  5. Fifth Place — Tim Budesheim (Germany)
  6. Sixth Place — Hassan Mostafa (Egypt)
  7. Seventh Place — Jonarthur Duncan (United States)
  8. Eighth Place — Volodymyr Byruk (Ukraine)
  9. Ninth Place — Gianluca Di Lorenzo (Italy)
  10. Tenth Place — Nathan Spear (United States)

2- Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

The Men’s 212 Bodybuilding division featured an intense showdown that thrilled fans. Leading the pack were Giuseppe Christian Zagarella and Esteban Fuquene, both displaying exceptional conditioning. Zagarella appeared more refined compared to his fourth-place finish at the 2024 New York Pro.

Esteban Fuquene has been gaining recognition in the IFBB Pro League with his impressive shape and muscularity. Ultimately, Giuseppe Christian Zagarella secured first place, while Esteban Fuquene finished second, and Hossein Kalateh claimed the bronze.

  1. Winner — Giuseppe Christian Zagarella (Italy)
  2. Second Place — Esteban Fuquene (Colombia)
  3. Third Place — Hossein Kalateh (Canada)
  4. Fourth Place — Marco Sarcone (Italy)
  5. Fifth Place — Ricardo Correia (Brazil)
  6. Sixth Place — Cody Drobot (Canada)
  7. Seventh Place — Francis Allard (Canada)
  8. Eighth Place — Lucas Garcia (Brazil)
  9. Ninth Place — Pasquale D’angelo (Italy)
  10. Tenth Place — Stephen Didoshak (Canada)

3- Classic Physique

In the Classic Physique division at the Toronto Pro SuperShow, Canadian Blake Course was the favorite to clinch the championship title. However, he was narrowly defeated by Niall Darwen from the United Kingdom. After earning his pro card in 2022, Darwen competed in the Arnold Classic UK, finishing in last place. 

He spent time enhancing his physique and traveled to the Toronto Pro SuperShow, where he secured his first IFBB Pro victory and now prepares for the Olympia.

Blake Course delivered an impressive performance, bringing a well-developed physique to the stage, making it a close contest for the top spot. Both competitors showcased excellent shape, muscle development, and remarkable conditioning. Darwen’s small waist and pronounced V-taper likely contributed to his victory.

Pastor finished in third place with a commendable performance but did not match the level of Course and Darwen. The competition was primarily a showdown between Darwen and Course.

  1. Winner — Niall Darwen (United Kingdom)
  2. Second Place — Blake Course (Canada)
  3. Third Place — German Pastor (Spain)
  4. Fourth Place — Andrea Mammoli (Italy)
  5. Fifth Place — Jimmy Sirard (Canada)
  6. Sixth Place — Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallegos (Mexico)
  7. Seventh Place — Bobby Mazzara (United States)
  8. Eighth Place — Gregory Dawson (Canada)
  9. Ninth Place — Kenyon Leno (United States)
  10. Tenth Place — Tony Coke (Canada)

4- Men’s Physique

Drew Cullen secured his return to the Olympia stage with a victory in the Men’s Physique division, marking his second professional win. Canadians Chevy Phillips and Kimani Victor claimed the runner-up spot and third place, respectively.

  • Winner — Drew Cullen (United States)
  • Second Place — Chevy Phillips (Canada)
  • Third Place — Kimani Victor (Canada)
  • Fourth Place — Tyler Smith (United Kingdom)
  • Fifth Place — Mattia Ballarini (Italy)
  • Sixth Place — Nicola Maccarini (Italy)
  • Seventh Place — Sharif Reid (United States)
  • Eighth Place — Eric Neal (United States)
  • Ninth Place — Karim Hawash (United States)
  • Tenth Place — Kadeem Hillman (United States)

5- Men’s Wheelchair

Kristof Hornos won the Men's Wheelchair Olympic qualification event, defeating Eugenio Molino who finished as the runner-up. Hornos impressed the judges with his muscular upper body and stage presence, while Molino also brought an impressive physique. 

With limited opportunities for Men's Wheelchair athletes to qualify for the Olympics, the competition was highly competitive and the finals were an exciting showdown between the two top contenders.

  1. Winner — Kristof Hornos (Hungary)
  2. Second Place — Eugenio Molino (Italy)

6- Women’s Bodybuilding

Rookie Ava Melillo debuted as a pro and won the title, earning qualification for the 2024 Ms. Olympia. She outshone runner-up Sheena Ohlig and third-place finisher Nadia Capotosto. Melillo is now set for her Olympia debut in Las Vegas.

  • Winner — Ava Melillo (United States)
  • Second Place — Sheena Ohlig (United States)
  • Third Place — Nadia Capotosto (Italy)
  • Fourth Place — Gabriela Pena De La Vega (United States)
  • Fifth Place — Kyna Squarey (Canada)
  • Sixth Place — Gina Cavaliero (United States)
  • Seventh Place — Teresa Rego (Canada)
  • Eighth Place — Melanie Horton (Canada)

7- Figure

The Figure category was highly competitive this weekend. Maggie Watson from Canada showcased impressive fullness and aesthetics, having previously placed fifth at the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro. Despite Watson's refined posing and renewed appearance, Lena Ramsteiner's outstanding conditioning and slim waist ensured a close contest.

Ramsteiner, with extensive experience at the highest echelons of Figure competition, including a 14th-place finish at the 2023 Mr. Olympia, ultimately claimed the championship title. Maggie Watson secured second place, while Manon Dutilly took third.

  1. Winner — Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)
  2. Second Place — Maggie Watson (Canada)
  3. Third Place — Manon Dutilly (Canada)
  4. Fourth Place — Ashley Lakomowski (United States)
  5. Fifth Place — Amanda Winston (United Kingdom)
  6. Sixth Place — Emily Hammond (Canada)
  7. Seventh Place — Gisele Heathcote (Canada)
  8. Eighth Place — Gabriela Linhartova (Czech Republic)
  9. Ninth Place — Jeanne Kassel (Germany)
  10. Tenth Place — Jennifer Johnson (United States)

8- Bikini

The only Canadian to win at this event was Maxine Alexandra Somov in the Bikini division. It's her second pro season, and she clinched her first pro win, beating Cassandra De La Rosa and Anna Setlak who came second and third.

Somov is now set to compete at the Olympia for the first time in 2024. Other competitors have until September 15, 2024, to win a pro show and qualify for the event in Las Vegas alongside Somov.

  1. Winner — Maxine Alexandra Somov (Canada)
  2. Second Place — Cassandra De La Rosa (Mexico)
  3. Third Place — Anna Setlak (Italy)
  4. Fourth Place — Alice Marchisio (Italy)
  5. Fifth Place — Czarina Gisela Gastelum Valenzuela (Mexico)
  6. Sixth Place — Racquel Hutchinson (Canada)
  7. Seventh Place — Angel Sun (Canada)
  8. Eighth Place — Lindsay Martens (Canada)
  9. Ninth Place — Lilian Lopez Alonso (Mexico)
  10. Tenth Place — Erika Devera (United States)

9- Women’s Physique

In a nail-biting finish, Australian Tracey Guile stole the show at her IFBB Pro debut. Guile dominated both the Masters 35+ and Open categories in the Women's Physique division. The win was a close call, decided by a single point from the judges. Elated by her victory, Guile is already generating excitement for her potential appearance at the Olympia this October. Olivia Bian and Robyn Mays secured second and third place respectively.

  1. Winner — Tracey Guile (Australia)
  2. Second Place — Olivia Bian (China)
  3. Third Place — Robyn Mays (United States)
  4. Fourth Place — Lorraine Lafleur (Bahamas)
  5. Fifth Place — Autumn Swansen (United States)
  6. Sixth Place — Wei Peng Chen (Taiwan)
  7. Seventh Place — Georgina D’abreo (Canada)
  8. Eighth Place — Candice Carr (Trinidad and Tobago)
  9. Ninth Place — Ji Hye Lee (South Korea)
  10. Tenth Place — Jessica Falborn (United States)

10- Wellness

Alexis Nicole won the Wellness division at the 2024 Toronto Pro, earning the top prize. She had narrowly missed winning the 2024 Miami Muscle Beach Pro, but this time her impressive lower body density and shape helped her secure the victory. 

Carlotta Tonelli, who had placed third at the 2023 Fashion Street Fitparade Hungary Pro, also brought an eye-catching physique but had to settle for second place, while Celeste Chandler finished third.

  1. Winner — Alexis Nicole (United States)
  2. Second Place — Carlotta Tonelli (Italy)
  3. Third Place — Celeste Chandler (Canada)
  4. Fourth Place — Simara Walter (Brazil)
  5. Fifth Place — Esmeralda Ochoa Diaz (Mexico)
  6. Sixth Place — Victoria Puentes (United States)
  7. Seventh Place — Rosie Stodalka (Canada)
  8. Eighth Place — Brittany Miller (United States)
  9. Ninth Place — Chiara Moroni (Italy)
  10. Tenth Place — Kristin Broadwell (Canada)

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FAQs: Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Results

Q: When and where is the 2024 Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Show taking place?

A: The 2024 Toronto Pro Supershow is scheduled for June 8-9, 2024 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Q: What divisions will be featured at the 2024 Toronto Pro?

A: The event will feature competitions across 10 out of the 11 IFBB Pro League divisions, with the Fitness division being the only one absent.

Q: Who were the top winners in the Men's Open class?

A: Akim Williams won the Men's Open class, with Quinton Eriya as a notable competitor.

Q: What are the different divisions featured at the Toronto Pro?

A: The event includes competitions in the following IFBB Pro League divisions: Men's Open, Men's 212, Classic Physique, Men's Physique, Women's Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Wellness, Women's Physique, and Wheelchair Bodybuilding

Q: Who won the Women's Physique division?

A: Tracey Guile from Australia won the Women's Physique division in both the Masters 35+ and Open categories.

Q: What were the results in the Men's 212 Bodybuilding division?

A: Giuseppe Christian Zagarella won first place, Esteban Fuquene came in second, and Hossein Kalateh took third place in the Men's 212 Bodybuilding division.

Q: Who took the title in the Classic Physique division?

A: Niall Darwen from the United Kingdom won the Classic Physique division, with Blake Course finishing second and Manon Dutilly securing third place.

To Wrap Things Up

The 2024 Toronto Pro Bodybuilding competition was a spectacular event, showcasing the impressive talents of athletes across multiple divisions. From Akim Williams’ dominant performance in the Men’s Open class to Tracey Guile’s triumphant debut in the Women’s Physique division, the competition was fierce and exhilarating.

In the Men’s 212 Bodybuilding division, Giuseppe Christian Zagarella emerged victorious, while the Classic Physique title went to Niall Darwen after a closely contested battle with Blake Course. 

Drew Cullen’s win in the Men’s Physique division marked his return to the Olympia stage, and Kristof Hornos showcased his upper body strength to secure the Men’s Wheelchair championship.

The Wellness division saw Alexis Nicole claim first place with her impressive lower body density, and Maxine Alexandra Somov’s victory in the Bikini division highlighted her promising career. The Figure category featured a close contest, with Lena Ramsteiner edging out Maggie Watson for the top spot. 

As the competitors look ahead to Olympia and other upcoming events, the Toronto Pro Bodybuilding competition has set a high standard for excellence and sportsmanship in the bodybuilding community.


Written and Sponsored by Leonard Shemtob

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