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Follidrone by Black Lion Research


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Follidrone by Black Lion Research

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Push beyond your genetics limits of muscle growth with Follidrone by Black Lion Research.
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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 3 Capsules
 Servings per container: 30
 Amount per serving%DV
Proprietary Blend: 1500mg **
Ecklonia Cava extract, (-)-epicatechin, Flos Carthami extract, Citrus bioflavanoids/Naringenin/Tangeretin, Quescetin-Niacin co crystals, Octyl Gallate    
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, FD&C Blue.  

Directions: Take 3 capsules daily. Take 1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules before training or 1 capsule 3x daily.

Product Description

Follidrone by Black Lion Research


Have you ever been to the gym and noticed that certain people are just cut from a different cloth? Like they where only created to have big muscles! Then you realize that your genetics are just not the same as those who dominate in the gym. Everyone dreams of ruling the gym but only a few have the genetic make up to be in that position. 

It's time to break through your genetic limitations and build a body that can rule the gym. Black Lion Research has the perfect product that will have your peers asking for your workouts, diet and supplementation!

How can you achieve these exciting results? Follidrone the King of Natural Anabolics! Black Lion Research has created this performance enhancing product that will change the way you look at supplements. It will change the results you obtain, change the way you feel and change your physique! 

How does Follidrone help you achieve these results? Follidrone's secret is that it increases Follistatin levels. Follistatin is an antagonist to Myostatin, which promotes muscle growth.

Myostatin is a natural growth factor protein that exists in your body and works to limit your muscle growth in a genetically predetermined manor. Thus myostatin limits your muscle genetics! Follidrone works to decrease Myostatin and break the genetic barrier!

Increasing Follistatin leads to massive strength gains and extended endurance. More strength and endurance leads to higher reps, an ability to push more weights and quicker recovery times. All of this equates to bigger gains and a dramatically different physique! 

What are the benefits of Follidrone?

  - Helps Increase Strength*

  - Helps add Massive Mass Gains*

  - Boost Energy and Endurance*

  - Improved Recovery Times*

  - Helps Improve Insulin Sensitivity*

  - Does not affect your natural hormone production*

  - Helps Reduce Body Fat*

What are the Key Ingredient in Follidrone?

Ecklonia Cava: a strong follistatin booster and Myostatin inhibitor. In addition to its ability to reduce myostatin it is also a very solid ACE inhibitor. Ace inhibitors increase insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake into muscles. Lower ACE levels equates to lower overall bodyfat levels, increased fat metabolism in the liver, and the ability to process sugars much faster. In addition, increased cell surface GLUT4 increases nutrient shuttling into muscle tissue. It has been suggested that ACE inhibitor-induced positive effects may also be mediated by direct action on the skeletal muscle. Genetic studies also support the hypothesis that the ACE system may be involved in physical performance and skeletal muscle function.

(-)-Epicatechin: This is a powerful antioxidant that helps decrease Myostatin. This compound mimics insulin to promote muscle growth and improves heart health. Studies show that users that cycle Epicatechin can significantly increase treadmill performance. Myostatin is a natural growth factor protein that exists in our bodies and works to regulate and limit muscle growth in a genetically predetermined pattern. Myostatin actually suppresses your muscle growth! The Epicatechin in Follidrone works to decrease Myostatin. This helps to reduce these limiting factors and thus promotes your muscle development. It also may help to reduce loss of gains during PCT and beyond.

Break through your genetic barriers with Follidrone by Black Lion Now!  


WARNING: Not for use of persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are currently breast feeding, pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor prior to use if you have any medical conditions or if you are taking any other medications. Discontinue use immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting or other similar symptoms.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet, supplement, or exercise regimen.

Questions & Answers

Product Questions

How long can I take Follidrone for? I have been on it for approximately six weeks and I love it. Can I take it for 6 more weeks or do I need to cycle off?
Can I stack Follidrone with AnaFuse?
Will this come out on a drug test and also what could I stack it with if I want to lose fat?
Does this require a PCT or cycle support?
Can Follidrone be taken with a test booster such as Apex Male or DAA Max?
I finished Follidrone the other week. I never experienced that pain in my back and biceps muscle in the past. Can this be a side effect of that product?
How does Follidrone differ from other supplements that contain epicatechin (i.e Anafuse, Epi 2.0, etc)? Are there any advantages to taking one over the other?
How much epicatechin does this supply?
I was just wondering if you have had good feedback with follidrone and any 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin clones?
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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 3 Capsules
 Servings per container: 30
 Amount per serving%DV
Proprietary Blend: 1500mg **
Ecklonia Cava extract, (-)-epicatechin, Flos Carthami extract, Citrus bioflavanoids/Naringenin/Tangeretin, Quescetin-Niacin co crystals, Octyl Gallate    
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, FD&C Blue.  

Directions: Take 3 capsules daily. Take 1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules before training or 1 capsule 3x daily.

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MJ Verified Buyer August 3, 2014
Finally a real natty anabolic!!!!
  • THere was alot of hype surrounding this product. Brundel made some insane claims that of course nobody believed. I even had a hard time and I have been reading Brundels chem forum threads for like 10 years. Ive learned alot from the guy and I know hes solid so...I took a chance just based upon his reputation.
    Holy shit did he deliver on this one!
    Weight- I gained 8lbs in 8 weeks. Not too shabby.
    Bodyfat- I lost about 5% bodyfat so the weight mass increase is over 8 really.
    Endurance- this was awe inspiring. Ive never taken a PWO or anything that makes me train as hard as this stuff.
    PUMP- on par with any product made just for pump.
    Strength- Really kicked in about week 5. I hit PRs on pretty much every lift.
    Overall....This was comparable to a PH cycle but required no PCT and is actually healthy according to Brundel.
    Ill never doubt anything he says again.

    Also its funny to see all the guys who said the Follidrone was bunk...they are quite not lol.
  • Mass
    Everything you could want from any supp really. PLus its natty, healthy, and needs no PCT. The perfect product!
  • When I run out :)
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Scotty2 Verified Buyer August 12, 2014
  • Ok, I have come to be a little skeptical of supplements over the years. If everything that supplement companies marketing claimed would happen, happened, I would be 300 pounds with 4% body fat. Needless to say that is not the case. So, I am a little weary of miracle supplements. I got my AM newsletter as normal one day and this Follidrone stuff was hyped up pretty good. I thought, "Oh, it must be some kind of new PH" and gave it no more thought. About 2 weeks ago I decided to research it a little more, and against my better judgment I ordered a bottle. I, of course, expected nothing and noticed that when I took the big purple pill I felt nothing. I was about to chalk it off as another bogus thing until I went to the I've been on this stuff and everything people are claiming is true! I am bigger, stronger, and my endurance is through the roof! So now I am trying to buy more of this stuff and it is sold-out everywhere. All I can say is as soon as its available again I'm getting a years worth, no joke.
  • PH gains with no nonsense afterword.
  • It is sold-out everywhere and I want more!
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
terry0400-40 Verified Buyer December 20, 2014
It produced strength and endurance gains
  • Received my bottle from Strong Supplement Shop, and finished it 25 days ago, i was consuming it at 2 caps / day for 5 days on and 2 off, and therefore the bottle did last awhile.

    It came on after a few weeks and my endurance for all physical activity's was significantly enhanced, for w/o i deliberately did not raise my weights on sets and the follidrone increased my reps considerably on all exercises especially abs which are now better than ever

    its been 25 days since finished the product and i am still retaining the endurance advantage i gained,

    had i been able to afford it i should have ordered 2 bottles because the effect just gets better and better towards the end of the one bottle
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
matthew Verified Buyer September 15, 2016
Best Natural anabolic
  • Follidrone 2.0 has to be the best natural product out there currently. Im on all the boards and know about all the new stuff and have used most products. Follidrone in my experience has worked better than any other product I have used. Ive gained a solid 10lbs while losing 4% bodyfat over 8 weeks. This is better than some prohormones I have used. The GDA effects are strong. I take with some carbs to avoid hypoglycemia and this stuff keeps my muscles full all day long. Strength has increased, muscle mass increased, fat decreased. Increased vascularity. What else is there to say. For sure best natural product you can buy.
  • Gained muscle
    Gained strength
    lost fat
    GDA effects
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Kirk Verified Buyer February 8, 2015
seems the goods
  • Thought i'd try this as part of my pct. First 2 weeks I followed the directions & it was disappointing to say the least so I dropped it & increased my natty test boosters.

    When my test levels were up & I finished the Natural T I thought i'd give it another go, whilst still using Testogen XR (DAA+) 2x daily. Then I added LG Sciences IGF-1 spray (which previously I found disappointing on it's own & also clogs up so I just chug it).
    HOLY COW!! I upped the Follidrone to 3 caps/day & this seemingly synergistic combo had a near immediate effect on size & appetite, while strength gains are modest (compared to PH) endurance & recovery is great, especially for super sets & 10x10's.

    The sweet spot for me: Folli 3x daily, IGF-1 4-6x daily & a good high dose test booster/e modulator. It's not the cheapest option for 1 month, but it sure delivers...and i'm a classic ecto so any gain is noticeable ;-)

    I can only give it 4 stars as the gains aren't solely attributable to the Follidrone alone.
  • does what it says...
  • price
    price + higher dose req'd
    price + works best stacked
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Zachary Verified Buyer March 17, 2015
  • This product helped me gain SOME quality mass, vascularity was at an all time high and I could push myself harder without my muscles being fatigued. Not bad for a natural anabolic, but don't expect crazy gains.
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Mack Verified Buyer June 17, 2014
Incredible product
  • muscle gain
    Fat loss
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
LeanEngineer Verified Buyer June 18, 2015
Follidrone is one of my favorites
  • Follidrone is probably one of my favorite products. I usually run it pct or just when i'm doing a natty stack! Running two bottles in a row I experienced the most amount of muscle growth. I also saw an increase in muscle recovery. I would say muscle recovery and muscle mass are the two things you will experience when on follidrone. It's a great supplement to take.
  • pump, muscle recovery, muscle mass increase
  • nothing
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Richard Verified Buyer July 7, 2016
  • I saw that BLR had releassed a new version Follidrone 2.0
    Had to get some to try because I really liked the first version. I took for 8 weeks. 2 bottles.
    For this is probably the best supplement product I have taken aside from prohormones or superdrol. I noticed it after the first week. Strength and endurance but especially fat loss! I was getting leaner every day it seemed. I asked some questions at anabolic minds and Brundel recommended upping my calories and doing this really made a difference. After 8 weeks I gained 8lbs plus Im leaner so Ive gained more than 8lbs overall. Better than some PHs I took. Such a good product Im gonna take again with anabeta and Letrone so Im able to eat more.
  • 8lbs gain
    fat loss
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary
Benjamin P Verified Buyer March 1, 2015
Follidrone comes through
  • Increased energy and endurance. Pounced the weights and really Reeped it out to the max. BLR always produces the best.
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Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

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  2. 2