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What are natural anabolics?

Natural anabolic supplements contain ingredients that have muscle building or performance enhancing effects when incorporated with a solid diet and training regimen. Natural anabolic supplements usually will have little to no risk of side effects and will generally not require liver support or PCT.

How long can I natural anabolic supplements for?

Most natural anabolic supplements are used for periods of 8 to 12 weeks, however this depends on what ingredients are included in the formulation.

Pure Laxogenin and Epicatechin supplements can be used for up to 12 weeks at a time.

The diminishing point of return for most natural anabolics is usually between 8 to 10 weeks.

Most natural test boosters can be ran for up to 8 weeks. D-Aspartic Acid however is one that has a diminishing point of returns around the 6th week so most users tend to discontinue their cycles around this time.

Which natural anabolic ingredients are most effective?

Laxogenin - Derived from plants, this ingredient is essentially an anabolic building block which your body uses as a blueprint to create its own anabolics. Laxogenin supports increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, while promoting other anabolic effects such as increased strength, muscle endurance, muscle recovery, and lean muscle mass. Additionally, Laxogenin aids in controlling the stress hormone cortisol, which when out of balance, can increase fat and muscle wasting.

Epicatechin - Epicatechin is a flavanol found in certain plants such as green tea and cocoa; and is a powerful antioxidant that helps decrease Myostatin. Myostatin is the greatest single catabolic limiting factor of muscle growth. This natural growth factor protein exists in our bodies and works to regulate and limit muscle growth in a genetically predetermined pattern. Myostatin actually suppresses muscle growth! Epicatechin works to decrease Myostatin which helps to reduce these limiting factors, promoting muscle development beyond your genetic potential.

Ecklonia Cava - A strong follistatin booster and Myostatin inhibitor. In addition to its ability to reduce myostatin it is also a very solid Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. Ace inhibitors increase insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake into muscles. Lower ACE levels equates to lower overall body fat levels, increased fat metabolism in the liver, and the ability to process sugars much faster. In addition, increased cell surface GLUT4 increases nutrient shuttling into muscle tissue. It has been suggested that ACE inhibitor-induced positive effects may also be mediated by direct action on the skeletal muscle. Genetic studies also support the hypothesis that the ACE system may be involved in physical performance and skeletal muscle function.

Rikkunshito A Japanese herb that has been shown in research to regulate the secretion, receptor sensitization, and degradation of Ghrelin (hunger hormone). Research studies have shown this ingredient to be effective at treating patients who suffer from Cachexia, a condition that causes the loss of appetite and lean body mass implying that it helps to increase appetite and lean body mass. The increased appetite is a result of increased Ghrelin. Increased Ghrelin also stimulates the release of growth hormone which breaks down fat and increases muscle mass.

Rehmannaie RadixAlso referred to as Rehmanniae or Rehmannia is the key active component here is the iridoid glycoside known as Catalpol. Catalpol is almost like a natural form of “gene doping” as it has positive effects on erythropoietin (EPO), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1), myostatin antagonists, and endorphin. EPO increases red blood cells which in turn carries more oxygen to muscles. VEGF is a major regulator of blood vessel formation during development and in the adult organism. VEGF promotes the growth of myogenic fibers and protects the myogenic cells. VEGF also increases the development of new blood cells and improves blood flow to muscles. Catalpol can also help increase IGF-1 levels by preventing the suppression in IGF-1 levels that is associated with rises in blood sugar.

Korean Mistletoe KME has been reported to increase strength, muscle mass and improve overall exercise capacity. In studies it has been shown to regulate gene expression related to muscle atrophy (muscle breakdown) and muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) and improve endurance by stimulating mitochondrial activity.

Urolithin B - Metabolite of ellagic acid/ellagitannins. Research has shown supplementing the diet with ellagitannins mitigates muscle damage experienced during intense exercise and protects muscle against stresses induced by a high-fat diet. Clinical research on Urolithin B in mice found that it enhanced myotubes growth and differentiation by increasing protein synthesis. In studies, Urolithin B promoted androgen receptor activity by 90% vs. testosterone which promoted androgen receptor activity by 50%. Even at significantly lower doses, it outperformed testosterone. Additionally, UroB upregulated muscle protein synthesis by 96% while insulin upregulated MPS by just 61%. Once again, at a significantly lower dose, UroB was more effective than Insulin at increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Bulbine Natalensis - an extract derived from the Bulbine plant that has natural anabolic properties which have shown to raise natural testosterone by up 347% while simultaneously lowering estrogen by 35%. This plant is native to South Africa and has several benefits. Studies show that Bulbine (also known as prolensis) has positive effects on the hormonal milieu, which is known to increase testosterone and lower estrogen.

D Aspartic Acid - Natural testosterone boosting ingredient which helps increase free testosterone levels by up to 40%. Increased testosterone levels lead to increased energy, increased strength, lean muscle gains, accelerated fat loss, and elevated sex drive. D-Aspartic acid has also been suggested to promote normal GABA levels, and dopamine levels, acting as an antidepressant.

Eriobotrya Japonica: The Eriobotrya Japonica (EJ) plant contains a host of interesting natural anabolic ingredients that are beneficial to those looking to build muscle, burn fat, and increase athletic performance. Some of the most well known chemical constituents are Epicatechin, Ursolic Acid, Tormenic Acid, and Ellagic Acid. Studies indicate EJ Increases the expression of myogenic genes. EJ activates the AKT/mTOR pathway and subsequently promotes muscle protein synthesis and gains in lean muscle mass. In studies, EJ was shown to prevent muscle atrophy and increase muscle hypertrophy making it also ideal to use while in a caloric deficit in order preserve muscle mass.

Phosphatidic Acid - a phospholipid which is a major constituent of cell membranes but more importantly helps spike mTOR signaling by over 6 times which can greatly enhance the effects of weight training. Based on a double blind placebo controlled study at the University of Tampa: users packed on 5.3 lbs of muscle (double the gains of the placebo group) as well as increased their strength on leg presses by 60% more than the placebo group in a period of 8 weeks on cycle with only just 3 days of training per week.

Ursolic Acid - Ursolic Acid is a natural compound found in plants, and is highly concentrated in apple peels. A triterpenoid found in numerous plants; it has long been demonstrated in the data to have a plethora of beneficial effects for the user. It also has been shown to increase muscle mass, fiber size (both slow and fast twitch), as well as exercise capacity and grip strength. Lastly, Ursolic Acid produced an increase in serum irisin levels and muscle strength, this may assist in the recomposition effects that users of high-dose ursolic acid products have experienced.

Which Natural Anabolic Supplements have effective doses of the ingredients listed above in them?

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Youth GH by Vital Alchemy

Nano Genin By Assault Labs

Massacr3 by Olympus Labs

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