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Glutamine by Purus Labs

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  • Description
    Endurance and Recovery made easy with Glutamine by Purus Labs.

    Glutamine by Purus Labs

    Endurance and Recovery made easy with Purus Labs. University proven, research backed, and priced right, Glutamine by Purus Labs offers you a great way to recover quickly, feed your muscles and increase muscle protein processing. This powerful supplement works by removing the ammonia toxins from your bloodstream, this allows for your endurance to improve significantly. 

    Key Benefits: 

    • Increase Endurance
    • Increase Muscular Energy
    • Improve Recovery Time
    • Stackable
    • Research Backed


    Key Ingredient: 

    L-Glutamine (Fermented): This ingredient is your solution in amino acid support. Whether you are strength training or pushing yourself through long aerobic training sessions, L-Glutamine can help support one of your body's most abundant amino acids. Glutamine plays a key role in the metabolism of major nutrients and is vital for the reconstruction of body protein and the metabolism of energy. Made to replenish those glutamine levels to prevent fatigue and to aid in muscle glycogen resynthesis during recovery.

    Purus Labs Glutamine

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    Glutamine by Purus Labs Ingredients

    Glutamine by Purus Labs - Supplement Facts

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