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Purus Labs Brand Info


Purus Labs was created with science and research in mind. Purus's formulas are best in its class and their innovation is second to none. They bring new and changing supplements that cater to the ever changing needs of athletes. 


Who owns Purus Labs?

Brandon Smith is the original founder of Purus Labs. 


When was Purus Labs formed?

Purus Labs was formed in 2008.


What are Purus Labs best selling products?

Condense, D-POL, Organ Shield, Noxygen, Muscle Marinade and Keto Feed. 


Who are Purus Labs sponsored athletes?

Purus sponsors a number of athletes that include: Phoenix Rising, Christian Miller, Don Goldstein, James Abrams, Natalie Norwood, Desiree Cabinatan, Mason Lacaillade, Kent Dimmel, Shannon Thomas, Vanesa Zuluga, Mason Ward, Steve Kozola and Rocardo Laguna. 


Where is Purus Labs located?

Allen, Texas, United States


What's Purus Labs instagram and facebook?




Where can I buy Purus Labs?

Strong Supplement Shop Website


If I have questions about Purus Labs who can I contact?

Either email us Support@StrongSupplementShop.com or chat with us by clicking on that chat icon at the bottom right corner of the site during normal business hours. 



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