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Insuload by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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    Advancements of technology have brought new ways of using carbohydrates to build muscle. Hi Tech Pharma's Insuload is on the forefront of these discoveries.

    Insuload by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 

    Advancements of technology have brought new ways of using carbohydrates to build muscle. Insuload is on the forefront of these discoveries. It creates new ways to increase muscle mass, safely and quickly.

    Hi Tech's Insuload is an insulin imitator that helps reduce the breakdown of muscle by increasing the bodies utilization of carbohydrates, shuttling glycogen and amino acids for muscle gains.

    Insulin works with our natural hormones to improve muscular energy and aids in recovery after training. Where our hormones help build new muscle, insulin reduces catabolic activity and allows muscle to repair themselves and allow for muscles to grow larger and stronger.

    Insuload was created to replicate the actions of our natural insulin production, by allowing the entry of glucose into muscle tissues, activating the shuttling techniques of amino acids and regulating other growth and recovery related metabolic processes amounting in muscle growth!

    Key Benefits: 

    • Mimic the Benefits of Insulin
    • Shuttle Glycogen to Muscles
    • Shuttle Aminos to the Muscles 
    • Improve Muscle Growth
    • Improve Recovery


    Key Ingredients of Insuload:

    Chromium: Studies have shown that chromium can normalize blood sugar levels, improve blood sugar utilization and decrease insulin requirements in patients with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

    Gymnema Leaf Extract: Gymnema sylvestre plant contains gymnemic acids, which have been shown to slow the transport of glucose from the intestines to the bloodstream. Studies showed that this ingredient demonstrated benefits on lipid and glucose levels, blood pressure and body weight.

    Bitter Melon: Helps to enhance glucose utilization in the body, increases serum protein levels, and reduces glycogenesis in the liver. In studies Bitter Melon extract showed useful benefits on body weight gain and fat deposition. Several reports suggest that bitter melon can reduce body weight in high fat diet induced obesity.

    Super Berberine: Helps to reduce glucose levels and encourages glucose uptake by muscle cells. Studies have shown that berberine can stimulate glucose uptake in muscle, liver and adipose, and inhibit gluconeogenesis in the liver by downregulation of gluconeogenic enzymes.

    Cinnamon Bark Extract: Lowers blood glucose levels and increases glucose transport and insulin sensitivity.

    Insuload by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals


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    Insuload by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

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