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Lean AF Cream by Ironmag Labs

Brand: IronMagLabs
  • Description
    Need a topical that delivers serious results? IronMag Labs, Lean AF is here and brings together 3 cutting ingredients aimed at getting you shredded AF

    Lean AF Cream by IronMag Labs

    Need a topical that delivers serious results? Lean AF is here and brings together 3 cutting ingredients aimed at getting you shredded AF! With the topical application of Lean AF users can enjoy improved bioavailability, prolonged release, and lower peak concentrations vs other pill based supplements. Get Lean AF now and get shredded with hard lean muscle mass, a faster metabolism and increased fat loss! 


    Key Benefits: 

    • Increase Lean Muscle
    • Increase Muscle Hardness
    • Increase Metabolism
    • Increase Fat Loss
    • Decrease Fat Loss
    • Decrease Cortisol



    (Per 2 Pumps)

    • 75mg Nor-DHEA
    • 75mg 7-Keto® DHEA
    • 50mg 5-DHEA
    • 100 Pumps Per Bottle
    • Suggested Dose is 2 Pumps Daily


    NOR DHEA: Nor-DHEA is the ingredient of choice for many people looking to improve overall lean muscle mass. This ingredient is one of the most powerful type of supplement you could take if you’re looking to increase testosterone and build muscle mass. This ingredient has anabolic effects that take place in muscle. People enjoy this ingredient for its ability to bulk, give mass gains, as well as cut, increase energy, endurance, and recovery.

    7-Keto DHEA: a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA, but unlike normal DHEA, 7-Keto DHEA does not metabolize into sex hormones allowing it to provide many of the same benefits of DHEA but without the associated side effects.7-Keto DHEA is responsible for activating enzymes responsible for fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism. As we age the body’s production of 7-Keto DHEA declines which results in a decline in your metabolic rate. Clinical studies have shown that 7-Keto DHEA helps to increase metabolism and improve body mass index. 7-Keto helps in boosting metabolism as well as increase your muscle mass.

    5-DHEA: this ingredient is typically used for its ability to support energy and general well being. More recently, higher doses of 5-DHEA have been used to improve body composition due to DHEA’s mild anabolic and thermogenic effects. 5-DHEA an great choice for cutting during a calorie deficient diet, since 5-DHEA has good muscle sparing properties. 


    Lean AF Cream Topical Delivery System

    1. Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI) – is a high purity solvent and carrier which offers a safe, effective delivery enhancement mechanism for the active ingredients in the Cream.
    2. Ethoxydiglycol – is a cosmetic grade solvent that conforms to the current USP/NF monographs. Ethoxydiglycol is particularly appropriate for skin care preparations where it acts as an excellent solvent and carrier.
    3. Propylene glycol – is an organic compound that is used for 2 primary reasons. It has the traits of a humectant; it is able to absorb and help the skin retain moisture. It also helps active ingredients penetrate the skin.
    4. Glycerin – when used on skin works as humectant, which is why it attracts moisture onto your skin.
    5. Carbomer – helps to distribute and suspend the active ingredients in the Lean AF Cream.
    6. Triethanolamine (TEA) – Helps the water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients blend better. TEA neutralizes fatty acids and solubilizes oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water.

    For best results apply 1 pump of Lean AF Cream twice daily (1 pump in AM & 1 pump in PM) to the upper arms, shoulders/traps, thighs or abdominal areas. Ensure the areas are clean and free from excessive hair, avoid showering or swimming for at least 8 hours after application.

    Lean AF Cream by IronMag Labs

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