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Modern BCAA Powder by USP Labs


USP Labs

Modern BCAA

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BCAAs are the best thing you haven't tried! If you have, you already know!
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Modern BCAA+ (Powder) by USP Labs 

Haven't experienced the muscle building effects of BCAAs? The Time is Now!

BCAAs are the best thing you haven't tried! If you have, you already know!

Increase your body's ability to build muscle! Prevent Muscle Breakdown! Improve your Endurance! Improve your Recovery Time! Reduce Muscle Soreness! Train More! Train Harder! All the while doing it Naturally!

Exercising in a fasted state? You need these BCAAs! Don't exercise without them! Don't catabolize your muscle! You'll be working in circles, and your gains will go no where! 

BCAAs are essential for your body. You need to get them from an outside source because your body cannot make them. Get all you need in one bottle! USP is known for their purity, Modern BCAA+ carries on that reputation by providing you with the best and most effective BCAA solution. 

Get the BCAAs you need from and see your body improve! Add them to your current supplements and watch the gains add up!


-Speed Recovery

-Reduce Muscle Soreness

-Improve Reaction Time

-Improve Endurance

-Prevent Muscle Breakdown

-Increase Muscle Growth

-8:1:1 Leucine:isoleucine:Valine Ratio

-New Powder Form

-No Artificial Flavors

-No Artificial Colors

-Mixes Clean

-Great Flavor


USP Labs Modern BCAA Nutrition Facts


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Als 392 Verified Buyer May 30, 2014
Excellent supplement
  • Took other BCAA's. This is a good value with a good amount for the money. Take it everyday and love it. Everyone needs a good BCAA to help the recover and feed your muscles.
  • Good value for money
    Tastes good
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