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Organ Shield by Purus Labs 60ct

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    Organ Shield was specifically designed to support, protect, and restore hepatic (liver), prostatic (prostate), and cardiovascular (heart) function during times of high stress, such as when using pro-anabolics.

    Organ Shield by Purus Labs

    Organ Shield by Purus Labs is a meticulously designed supplement crafted to provide unparalleled support for your body's vital organs during and after intense physical activity or dietary regimens. Combining a robust blend of scientifically proven ingredients, Organ Shield ensures that you are always at your peak, safeguarding your health and improving resilience during demanding cycles.

    Key Benefits of Purus Labs Organ Shield:

    • Comprehensive organ support during demanding cycles.
    • Fortifies the body against toxins and oxidative stress.
    • Enhances organ functionality and longevity.
    • Supports cardiovascular, liver, brain, and prostate health.

    Key Ingredients of Organ Shield by Purus Labs:

    Milk Thistle Extract (Liver Support):Milk Thistle is a potent anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidant seed that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy liver function. Notably, several studies have proven its ability to shield the liver from harmful toxins like alcohol and certain medications.

    Benefits: Detoxifies and protects the liver, enhances liver function, and combats inflammation.

    Glutathione (Antioxidant Support): Made up of three core amino acids—glutamine, glycine, and cysteine—Glutathione stands as a cellular antioxidant. It is essential in counteracting free radicals, thereby preventing inflammation and potential cellular damage.

    Benefits: Boosts overall health, neutralizes harmful free radicals, and fights inflammation.

    Saw Palmetto (Prostate Support): Rich in phytosterols and fatty acids, Saw Palmetto is celebrated for its potential in promoting a healthy prostate function. It also plays a part in balancing hormone levels and even combating hair loss in men.

    Benefits: Enhances prostate health, regulates hormones, and aids in hair retention.

    Quercetin (Cardiovascular Support): Quercetin, a vibrant flavonoid, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant that combats free radicals in the body.

    Benefits: Strengthens the cardiovascular system and battles against inflammation.

    Coenzyme Q-10 aka CoQ-10 (Heart and Longevity Support): A fat-soluble, vitamin-like antioxidant, CoQ-10 is a staple in cellular functions, particularly in the synthesis of ATP. Moreover, it's instrumental in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels by impeding the oxidation of LDL.

    Benefits: Promotes heart health, supports cellular functions, and aids in managing cholesterol levels.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid (Brain & Liver Support): ALA, a potent antioxidant, ensures that the body's cells are shielded from potential harm and damage.

    Benefits: Protects brain and liver cells and fights against oxidative stress.

    Organ Shield Questions and Answers:

    Q: Can Organ Shield be taken by women?

    A: Yes, while some ingredients like Saw Palmetto are more targeted towards men's health, women can still benefit from the overall organ protective properties of Organ Shield.

    Q: How often should I take Organ Shield?

    A: Always follow the recommended dosage on the label or consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

    Q: Are there any side effects?

    A: As with any supplement, potential side effects may vary by individual. It's always best to start with a lower dose to assess tolerance and consult with a healthcare professional with any concerns.

    Q: Can I combine this with other supplements?

    A: Generally, Organ Shield can be combined with other supplements. However, always review the ingredients of all supplements to avoid overlap or potential interactions and consult with a healthcare professional.


    Organ Shield by Purus Labs


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