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Should You Lift Heavy First or Last?

When diving into the realm of weight training, a fundamental question often surfaces: "Should I lift heavy weights at the beginning of my workout or save them for the end?"

It's a matter of more than just personal preference.

To answer simply: lifting heavy first can prime the muscles for growth by tapping into your peak energy levels where as on the other hand, saving the heaviest lifts for last can challenge already fatigued muscles, potentially leading to even greater strength gains.

Both methods come with their unique advantages, and understanding them can help tailor a workout strategy that best aligns with your goals.

Lets take a look at which supplements can compliment these training styles to help you get faster and more noticeable results from your efforts!

Natural Bulking Agents

Unleash the full potential of your muscles with these impeccable natural bulking agents. Designed to amplify strength, invigorate muscle growth, and fast-track results, they are the natural way forward in your fitness journey.

  • AnaFuse by Vital Alchemy: A synergistic blend of Epicatechin, HICA, Turkesterone, and Eriobotrya Japonica Extract. It supports muscle growth and speedy recovery.
  • AlphaBulk by Olympus Labs: Infused with PhytoFUSE, UroBolin, α-Cedrene, and α-lonone, this product ensures enhanced protein synthesis and accelerated muscle recovery.
  • Epi 2.0 by Vital Alchemy: With Epicatechin at its core, it not only boosts muscle growth but also aids in a swift recovery and augments muscular endurance.


Creatine Supplements

Turn the tides of your workout with these leading creatine supplements, formulated to boost muscle volume, enhance recovery speed, and propel your overall workout performance to new heights.

  • JetMass by GAT: A highly effective intra-workout/post-workout supplement that provides creatine, amino acids, as well as a host of other super beneficial muscle supporting ingredients designed to increase muscle volume, enhance strength, and hasten recovery.
  • Creatine by Psycho Pharma: This tried-and-true creatine monohydrate formula supports muscle growth, strength, and quicker recovery.


Protein Supplements

Protein is the bedrock of muscle recovery and growth. Equip your fitness arsenal with these top-tier protein supplements, ensuring optimal muscle recovery and sustained growth.

  • Bio Active Whey by iSatori: Beyond being a premium protein blend, it's enriched with bio-active peptides which further amplify protein synthesis, recovery, and muscle gain.


Hormonal Bulking Agents

For the seasoned athlete craving a more intense edge in their muscle-building pursuits, these hormonal bulking agents present a formidable avenue. While their results are rapid and striking, they're meant for those well-versed in their fitness journey.

  • Helladrol by Innovative Labs: Formulated with Arimistane, 4-Andro, and 1,4-Andro, it's the go-to for those seeking amplified strength and lean muscle gains.
  • AbNORmal by Blackstone Labs: A powerful 19-NorDHEA prohormone designed to provide enhanced muscle growth, accelerated recovery, increased IGF-1, and improved power output.


To Wrap Things Up

Whether you're choosing to lift heavy at the start or end of your workout, complementing your regimen with the right supplements can make a world of difference.

By understanding your body and aligning it with the correct products, you can optimize your muscle growth, strength, and recovery journey.

Always remember to consult with a health professional before adding new supplements to your routine.

Take a look at our entire selection of Bulking Agents to find the best fit for you!

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