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Transdermal Prohormones/Products Cycle Guide, Information and Reviews



What is a transdermal supplement?

Transdermal supplements are liquid versions of popular ingredients or ingredient blends which are able to be applied topically to a certain area of one’s skin (such as the chest, upper arms, legs, shoulder, or upper back) instead of having to be taken orally. Transdermal supplements tend to have a much higher bioavailability (absorption efficiency) and activate much faster as they absorb directly into the bloodstream through the user’s skin barrier.

What are the top transdermal prohormones/products?


Sustain Alpha by Iconic Formulations - The most powerful transdermal testosterone booster available today. Ideal for size, strength, and libido boost. 


AndroHard by MuscleGelz - An epi-andro based transdermal prohormone designed to help increase muscle hardness, reduce water retention and body fat.


Estrozone by MuscleGelz - The muscle gel that sends estrogen to hell. Helps to reduce estrogen to decrease water retention and body fat while boosting testosterone. 


Invictus by Iron Legion - Transdermal cortisol inhibitor. Highly effective during post cycle or during fat loss phases to reduce stubborn body fat and increase muscle retention


What are the different kinds of transdermal products?


Prohormones - AndroHard


Aromatase Inhibitors/Estrogen Blockers - Exotherm & Estrozone


Fat Loss - VII-KT & AndroShred 


Testosterone Boosters - Sustain Alpha


Natural Anabolics - Iconogenin & Testrozone


Test Base - Dermacrine


How do you use it and what is the best way to take a transdermal product?


Transdermal supplements should be applied roughly every 12 hours. Application sites include chest, shoulders, upper arms, legs, or upper back.


The best time to apply a transdermal compound is usually after a shower. Users should be sure to scrub the application areas thoroughly with a loofah or washcloth in order to remove oils from pores and top layer of dead skin in an attempt to maximize the absorption of the transdermal prohormone. When applying, wear a pair of latex gloves to prevent the liquid from rubbing into your hands (can cause irritation if rubbed into eyes). After applying, wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.


It is best to apply the transdermal supplement and wait about 30 minutes to 1 hour before working out, swimming, or taking a shower (it is best not to scrub the application area when taking a shower after applying the transdermal). Avoid contact with women and children as the compound can be rubbed off onto them. Keep the application areas covered with clothing if possible.

Do I need cycle support when taking a transdermal prohormone?


Yes. Transdermal prohormones, although they do not put additional stress on the liver, will still require a cycle assist in order to help stabilize blood pressure levels and also to support the prostate.

Do I need to do Post Cycle Therapy after using a Transdermal Prohormone?


Yes, it is still a prohormone compound and will alter one’s natural hormonal balance, thus requiring a proper recovery phase upon completion of the cycle..

What are the potential side effects of using a transdermal prohormone?

Some users may experience skin irritation or rashes at the application areas from the transdermal supplements. This can be avoided by rotating the application sites daily and applying lotion to the application sites that are not going to be used that day.

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