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What Muscle Is Hardest to Grow?

Some muscles are notoriously more challenging to grow than others, often due to their size, function, or location in the body.

Calves, forearms, and deltoids are examples of muscles that many individuals find hardest to grow or develop.

Building these muscles requires targeted effort, the right training strategies, and often, the assistance of quality supplements.

Below, we explore various products that can support your journey in developing these stubborn muscles.

Natural Bulking Agents

For those who prefer natural solutions, consider the following supplements:

  • AnaFuse by Vital Alchemy: Designed to naturally support muscle growth by optimizing protein synthesis, suppressing myostatin, enhancing recovery, and increasing strength.
  • AlphaBulk by Olympus Labs: A supplement that targets muscle development with a blend of powerful natural ingredients designed to support strength and accelerated muscle gain.
  • Epi 2.0 by Vital Alchemy: A popular natural anabolic supplement that helps overcome growth plateaus by providing myostatin inhibiting effects.


IGF Boosting Supplements

These supplements support muscle growth through IGF optimization:

  • Bio-Gro by iSatori: Providing bio-active peptides aimed at enhancing protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and muscle mass.


Creatine Supplements

Creatine supplements are crucial for muscle volume and strength:

  • JetMass by GAT: A comprehensive intra-workout / post-workout supplement that contains creatine along with additional amino acids and muscle supporting ingredients designed to help improve muscle mass and optimize recovery time.


Protein Supplements

Protein supplements play a vital role in muscle development:

  • Bio Active Whey by iSatori: Offers a blend of whey protein along with bio-active peptides for optimized protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and growth.
  • Iso 100 by Dymatize Nutrition: A high-quality protein supplement that provides 25g of protein per serving to help support muscle repair and growth.


Hormonal Bulking Agents

For the advanced gym enthusiasts looking for faster results:

  • Helladrol by Innovative Labs: A powerful 3-in-1 prohormone supplement that combines 4-Andro, 1,4-Andro, and Arimistane to aid in building lean mass, enhanced strength, and reduces estrogen.


*Please note that prohormones yield faster and more noticeable results but do have some risks of side effects involved with their use. They should not be used year-round and should be cycled only 2 to 3 times per year (each cycle being 6 to 8 weeks long, followed by a 4-week PCT and a 6 to 8-week off-cycle phase after completion of PCT). During the off-cycle phase, using natural bulking agents would be a great way to keep you on track and aid you in continued progress.*

To Wrap Things Up

Building hard-to-grow muscles demands a thoughtful and dedicated approach.

Utilizing the right supplements, as outlined in this guide, can give you the support you need to overcome the challenges.

Whether you choose natural bulking agents, creatine, protein supplements, or hormonal bulking agents, understanding your body and your needs will lead you to success in growing those stubborn muscles.

Check out our entire line-up of Bulking Agents to see all the amazing options that are available to help you in your muscle building conquest.

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