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Will 4 sets of 5 reps build muscle?

Many gym enthusiasts often ponder, "Will 4 sets of 5 reps build muscle?"

To answer simply, 4 sets of 5 reps is typically implemented by powerlifters and is traditionally known for its strength-building benefits but when paired with the right exercises, weights, supplements, and nutrition, it can indeed serve as a foundation for solid muscle growth.

Lets take a look at the most effective supplements to pair up along with this training method for best results.

Natural Bulking Agents for Optimal Muscle Growth

When venturing on a natural path to muscle building, the synergy of a sound workout plan and the right supplementation can be transformative. Here are some top-tier natural bulking agents that complement the 4x5 regimen:

  • AnaFuse by Vital Alchemy: Blending 4 potent natural anabolic ingredients including Epicatechin, HICA, Turkesterone, and Eriobotrya Japonica Extract, AnaFuse is revered for enhancing muscle growth and promoting faster recovery.

  • AlphaBulk by Olympus Labs: Harnessing the power of PhytoFUSE, UroBolin, α-Cedrene, and α-lonone, Alpha Bulk is a catalyst for protein synthesis, strength/power output, fat loss support, and rapid muscle recovery.

  • Colossal Muscle by Hard Rock Supplements: With the combo of Turkesterone and 20-Hydroxyecdysone, Colossal Muscle is engineered for dedicated muscle development, enhanced strength, and speedier recovery.

  • Epi 2.0 by Vital Alchemy: As a formidable myostatin inhibitor, Epi 2.0 is enriched with Epicatechin to promote muscle growth, accelerate recovery, and improve muscular endurance.


Creatine: The Muscle Volume and Recovery Booster

Creatine has long been championed for its role in muscle volumization, endurance, and post-workout recovery:

  • JetMass by GAT: Renowned for muscle building and strength boosting benefits, JetMass not only provides creatine but also has a multitude of highly beneficial supporting ingredients to further improve the overall effects and quality of results it can help provide.

  • Creatine by Psycho Pharma: A pure and potent source of creatine monohydrate, Creatine by Psycho Pharma aids in improving workout performance and hastening muscle recovery.


Protein Supplements: The Building Blocks of Muscle

Muscle growth and recovery hinge significantly on protein:

  • Bio Active Whey by iSatoriUsing elite protein sources, Bio-Active Whey provides prolonged amino acid release for muscle rejuvenation and growth, while its bio-active peptides amplify protein synthesis for more enhanced muscle-building potential.

  • Iso 100 by Dymatize Nutrition: With its ultra-fast absorption rate, ISO 100 provides the muscles with rapid nourishment they need to rebuild themselves to be bigger and stronger.


Hormonal Bulking Agents: For the Advanced Gym Aficionado

For those looking to escalate their gains:

  • Super Mandro by Hard Rock SupplementsKnown for its prowess in muscle growth stimulation, Super Mandro's active 1-Andro ingredient helps users experience noticeable improvements in muscle size and strength.

  • Andro the Giant by Hard Rock Supplements: Tailored for a serious increase in testosterone, Andro the Giant delivers a potent 110mg dose of 4-Andro, promoting vast gains in strength, vitality, and overall muscle mass.
  • Helladrol by Innovative LabsA multifaceted hormonal anabolic supplement, Helladrol incorporates 4-Andro, 1,4-Andro, and arimistane. These elements work synergistically for maximized muscle strength and size.

  • AbNORmal by Blackstone LabsUtilizing 19-Nor-DHEA, AbNORmal offers remarkable muscle growth benefits. Its unique formulation provides users with lean mass gains with minimized side effects.


*Please be aware that while prohormones offer accelerated results, there are some potential side effects that can also be associated with their use. Usage of hormonal bulking agents such as these should be restricted to 2 to 3 cycles per year, each cycle lasting 6 to 8 weeks max. All cycles should include a cycle support during the course of the cycle and followed up with a mandatory 4 week Post Cycle Therapy, a 4-week PCT and subsequently a 6 to 8-week break or off-cycle phase in which the user does not take any hormonal supplements. During these off-cycle phases, the natural bulking agents mentioned above can greatly help in keeping the momentum going and aiding in continued progress.*

To Wrap Things Up

When considering the training regimen of 4 sets of 5 reps, it's evident that it can indeed contribute to muscle development.

However, to maximize and supplement your gains, the right nutrition and supplementation can play a critical role.

Check out our full selection of Bulking Agents to compare all the amazing options that can help you reach your muscle building goals faster and more efficiently.

Always prioritize understanding and matching your unique body needs with the appropriate supplements and, as always, consult a health professional before starting any new diet or supplement regimen.

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