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​Is Alpha Lion Legit: An In-Depth Review

​Is Alpha Lion Legit: An In-Depth Review

Posted by Leonard Shemtob on Dec 05, 2023

Is Alpha Lion Legit: An In-Depth Review

In the world of fitness and nutrition, choosing the right supplements is crucial for achieving your health goals. Alpha Lion has gained attention, but the question looms large: Is Alpha Lion legit? In this article, we delve into the brand's legitimacy, analyzing its ingredients and effectiveness. 

Additionally, we'll take a closer look at four key supplements offered by Alpha Lion, providing you with a comprehensive analysis to help you make informed decisions about including them in your fitness regime. 

Ready to uncover the truth about Alpha Lion? Let's dive in!

Short Summary

Uncovering Alpha Lion Legitimacy: Explore the practices and effectiveness of Alpha Lion to determine the brand's legitimacy in the fitness supplement market.

Supplement Spotlight: Dive into the analysis of four key Alpha Lion supplements, including SuperHuman Pre, Night Burn, SuperHuman Burn, and SuperHuman Focus, evaluating their ingredients and effectiveness.

Safety Assessment: Examination of potentially harmful ingredients in Alpha Lion supplements as well as an overall evaluation of the safety profile for consumers.

Real User Experiences: Gain insights from authentic user reviews, discovering the effects and outcomes of incorporating Alpha Lion's supplements into fitness routines.

Balanced Conclusion: Summarize findings, providing a balanced recommendation based on Alpha Lion's legitimacy, supplement efficacy, and real-user feedback, empowering readers to make informed decisions for their fitness journey.

Top Recommended Supplement: Uncover our top pick, SuperHuman Pre by Alpha Lion, and kickstart your fitness journey with a supplement that aligns with your goals.

Explore the Complete Alpha Lion Collection: Delve deeper into the world of Alpha Lion by exploring our comprehensive collection of supplements. Find the perfect match for your unique fitness needs and elevate your workout routine to new heights.

About Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion is a prominent sports nutrition brand specializing in supplements crafted to bolster muscle growth, boost athletic performance, and improve overall health and wellness. Established in 2017 by Troy Adashun, the company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alpha Lion's product line encompasses a variety of supplements, ranging from pre-workout formulas and protein supplements to amino acid supplements. The brand's emphasis on high-quality ingredients, inventive formulations, and a transparent approach has solidified its reputation.

Beyond its product offerings, Alpha Lion goes the extra mile in guiding and empowering its customers. The brand equips users with the knowledge and tools needed to reach their fitness and health objectives through a wealth of resources like workout plans, nutritional advice, and supplement guides.

Is Alpha Lion Legit?

Alpha Lion consistently demonstrates its legitimacy through a commitment to transparency, research-backed ingredients, and positive customer experiences.

Alpha Lion's dedication to transparency is evident in its open disclosure of ingredient lists and clinical studies supporting its product claims. This willingness to share information empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their supplement choices.

The brand's commitment to research-backed ingredients further reinforces its legitimacy. Alpha Lion meticulously selects ingredients based on scientific evidence supporting their efficacy and safety. Although some claims state the inclusion of additional questionable ingredients and artificial flavors, its overall ingredient profile is safe. This ensures that their products not only deliver desired results but also adhere to the highest standards of safety.

Positive customer experiences speak volumes about Alpha Lion's credibility. Many users have attested to the effectiveness of Alpha Lion products, praising their ability to improve athletic performance, promote muscle growth, and enhance overall well-being.

While no supplement brand is without its critics, Alpha Lion's overall reputation and commitment to quality, transparency, and research-backed ingredients make it a legitimate choice for those seeking effective supplements to support their fitness goals.

In our quest to unravel the authenticity of Alpha Lion, let's turn our attention to some of the brand's standout supplements. Below, we delve into a selection of Alpha Lion's finest products, dissecting their ingredients, efficacy, and real-world impact. Join us in exploring Alpha Lion's credibility through an in-depth look at some of its best supplements.

Quick Picks:

Top 4 Alpha Lion Supplements

1- SuperHuman Pre by Alpha Lion

SuperHuman Pre by Alpha Lion

Elevate your workout to Alpha status with SuperHuman Pre-Workout by Alpha Lion. If you're seeking a high-powered pre-workout experience that transforms you into an Alpha Lion, this formula is crafted to unleash the beast within.

Feel the surge of "alpha energy" with a unique combination of two forms of caffeine and L-theanine. This Alpha Lion pre-workout not only provides long-lasting, clean energy but also sharpens your focus without the dreaded crash often associated with other pre-workouts.

Alpha Lion's SuperHuman Pre doesn't just stop at energy; it's loaded with pump-inducing ingredients. S7, a key component, has demonstrated a remarkable 260% increase in nitric oxide levels at a 50mg dose. 

Nitrosigine, another powerhouse, is a patented arginine silicate complex scientifically proven to boost N.O. levels, delivering skin-splitting pumps.

Learn more: Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre-Workout: The Ultimate Gym Motivation Formula

Key Benefits:

  • It improves your strength.
  • It increases your endurance.
  • It helps enhance your focus.
  • It provides long-lasting energy.
  • It boosts your muscle pumps.
  • It increases your overall exercise performance in the gym.

Key Ingredients:

Beta-Alanine: This non-essential amino acid helps reduce muscle fatigue by increasing muscle carnosine concentrations, enabling you to push harder during workouts.

S7: This potent blend of seven plant-based ingredients has been scientifically proven to boost nitric oxide levels by up to 230%, enhancing blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles.

Dual-Sourced Caffeine: Dual-Sourced Caffeine propels your gym sessions into overtime. Beyond enhancing training intensity, caffeine triggers thermogenesis, accelerating fat burn for a more efficient workout.

Betaine Anhydrous: A naturally occurring compound found in the body and certain foods, Betaine Anhydrous offers FDA-approved health benefits. By reducing Homocysteine levels, it prevents issues related to bones, blood, eyes, heart, and brain. Bodybuilders utilize Betaine Anhydrous to enhance strength, size, and power.

L-Taurine: An amino acid that plays a crucial role in muscle recovery and performance, helping you bounce back quickly from intense workouts.

AstraGin: This patented ingredient enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring your body maximizes the benefits of the other ingredients.

L-Citrulline Malate: A popular amino acid with diverse benefits, L-Citrulline enhances blood flow to muscles, improves oxygen utilization during workouts, and boosts muscular energy. Known for promoting strength, performance, endurance, and lean muscle, L-Citrulline also increases nitric oxide production, resulting in muscle fullness, vascularity, and powerful pumps.

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Customer Reviews: SuperHuman Pre by Alpha Lion

5-stars.pngGreat overall pre

“I wanted to leave a review because im on my second tub and love the feeling and energy I get from this preworkout. It tastes great too. Thanks.”

-Alex J.

5-stars.pngGREAT PRE!

Probably top 5 pre workout.

“Great ingredients and loaded with enough to get you powering through your training session without crashing afterwards! Definitely going to keep in the rotation.”


2- Night Burn by Alpha Lion

Night Burn by Alpha Lion

Introducing Alpha Lion Night Burn, your ultimate nighttime fat burner and sleep aid. This innovative supplement is designed to enhance caloric burning and promote fat loss while you rest.

Powered by four patented and clinically studied ingredients, Night Burn has demonstrated the ability to elevate metabolism by an impressive 400%. This transformation turns your body into a 24/7 fat-burning machine, all while you enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

With Nite Burn by Alpha Lion, not only can you optimize your sleep quality, but you can also reduce cortisol levels, unwind, and shed unwanted weight effectively.

Learn more: Alpha Lion Night Burn: The Ultimate Sleep Aid for the Fitness Fanatic in You!

Key Benefits:

  • It increases your fat burning.
  • It improves your sleep quality.
  • It helps increase your metabolism.
  • It enhances calorie burning.
  • It reduces cortisol levels.
  • It promotes improved relaxation.

Key ingredients:

SHODEN® ASHWAGANDHA: Shoden®, a patented and clinically tested extract from the Ashwagandha plant, demonstrates remarkable effects:

  • Reduces cortisol levels by up to 27.9% in individuals dealing with stress.
  • Supports an increase in DHEA and testosterone levels.
  • Enhances restorative sleep and recovery by up to 42%.

MITOBURN™: Mitoburn™, a groundbreaking thermogenic powerhouse that delivers excellent fat-burning results by:

  • Amplifying and accelerating exercise outcomes.
  • Transforming ugly fat into beneficial brown fat.
  • Supporting healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Increasing fat oxidation

CALORIBURN™: Caloriburn™, a 100% natural, patented, and pure Grains of Paradise extract that:

  • Elevates metabolic rate by up to 400%
  • Boosts daily caloric-burning potential
  • Reduces blood sugar levels, curbing fat storage

ZYLARIA™: It works by calming down the central nervous system, fostering a sense of relaxation and bliss. This unique formulation:

  • Increases GABA, the natural calming neurotransmitter.
  • Reduces the time needed to fall asleep.
  • Extends sleep duration for better and more prolonged rest.

MELATONIN: This neurotransmitter is renowned for its ability to:

  • Regulate sleep patterns.
  • Naturally enhancing your circadian rhythm.
  • Improve overall sleep quality.

Customer Reviews: Night Burn by Alpha Lion


“I take it 15-20 min before bed and then about the time I lay down I fell more relaxed - probably from the ashwaganda in it. Sleep takes about the same time to go into, might be a little faster but I dont recall. Now for the good parts, I sleep well, wake up rested and over a one month period I am looking leaner and I am happy I got it and took it. I am ordering another bottle now. Here is the thing to remember, this is the easiest thing you can do for losing weight, pop a pill thats it lol. You can expect to drop 15 lbs by justo doing that. Workout, eat right, and take this too and you will be happy you did. Thx”


3- SuperHuman Burn by Alpha Lion

SuperHuman Burn by Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion has revolutionized the fitness industry with the groundbreaking introduction of SuperHuman Burn. Combining all the potent elements of focus, energy, pump, and endurance found in the SuperHuman pre-workout, this breakthrough also features a robust Fat Burning Matrix, ensuring you shed fat at an accelerated pace.

Alpha Lion's SuperHuman Burn is more than just a product; it's a dynamic 2-in-1 solution functioning as both a potent pre-workout and an effective fat burner. This formula helps burn stubborn fat while simultaneously sculpting lean muscle.

Learn more: SuperHuman Burn by Alpha Lion Reviews: Unleashing the Power of Next-Level Fat Burning

Key Benefits:

  • It helps burn fat.
  • It increases your energy levels.
  • It helps enhance endurance.
  • It boosts your mental focus.
  • It increases your muscle pump.
  • It supports your weight loss journey.
  • It improves your overall performance.

Key Ingredients:

Cocoabuterol: Derived from natural cocoa extract, Cocoabuterol concentrates on harnessing the most bioactive compounds. It not only enhances mood and reduces fat but also facilitates direct muscle growth. Additionally, it triggers thermogenesis and improves insulin sensitivity.

Advantra Z: Also known as bitter orange (Citrus aurantium), Advantra Z proves to be a metabolism booster. It enhances energy levels, improves blood circulation, and provides bioflavonoids to protect the brain.

CaloriBurn GP: Extracted from Grains of Paradise, an ancient spice in the ginger family, CaloriBurn GP has demonstrated its ability to increase metabolic rates, elevate energy expenditure, optimize body composition, and activate the hard-to-burn adipose tissue.

More ingredients include:

  • MitoBurn
  • Beta-Alanine
  • S7
  • Dual Sourced Caffeine
  • Betaine Anhydrous
  • L-Taurine
  • AstraGin
  • L-Citrulline Malate

Customer Reviews: SuperHuman Burn by Alpha Lion

5-stars.pngNo Jitters

“The is a very good product, I can say this, you will not get the jitters with this product, you will not crash and it really taste good, no bs, I will be using doing my shred , After I uses it doing my shred cycle I will post the results, just for the no jitters and no crashing along and the taste, with that along I will Purchase again.”


5-stars.pngVery good

“Very powerful!

Feel good!”

-Hydro G.

4- SuperHuman Focus by Alpha Lion

SuperHuman Focus by Alpha Lion

Introducing Alpha Lion's latest innovation, SuperHuman Focus, meticulously crafted to elevate cognitive performance and mental clarity, particularly during intense workouts. This caffeine-free formula is tailored to enhance daily focus, cognitive abilities, mental acuity, and concentration.

Tailored for intense gamers, dedicated workers, motivated students, and ambitious athletes, SuperHuman Focus sharpens reflexes, improves decision-making skills, enhances problem-solving abilities, and boosts memory retention. 

Its caffeine-free formula allows seamless integration with pre-workouts, which is ideal for those seeking an extra boost.

Key Benefits:

  • It improves your cognitive performance.
  • It enhances your focus and concentration.
  • It increases your mental clarity.
  • It increases nutrient absorption.

Key Ingredients:

Vitamins B1, B6, and B12: These essential B vitamins play pivotal roles in promoting brain health and function. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is crucial for nerve function and energy production.

B6 (Pyridoxine) aids neurotransmitter production and plays a role in brain development. 

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is critical for nerve tissue health, brain function, and the production of RBCs (red blood cells). Together, they provide comprehensive support for cognitive performance and mental energy.

NooLVL™: A patented ingredient meticulously crafted to enhance cognitive performance, especially for gamers. NooLVL™ elevates reaction time, decision-making, and focus, making it invaluable for activities that demand quick thinking and sharp mental acuity.

CogniUp™: It improves cognitive function and brain health.CogniUp™ supports memory, concentration, and learning capabilities. This ingredient contributes to enhanced mental performance across various domains.

Brainberry®: A trademarked form of Aronia berries extract, Brainberry® is renowned for its antioxidant properties. It is believed to boost brain health, enhance memory and learning, and provide protection against oxidative stress.

L-Tyrosine: This amino acid is vital for neurotransmitter production, including norepinephrine and epinephrine. L-Tyrosine is known for its ability to enhance mental performance, especially in situations involving stress or fatigue.

Benefits of Alpha Lion Supplements

Enhanced Performance: Alpha Lion's formulas are designed to elevate your workout experience. With ingredients aimed at boosting energy, focus, and endurance, these supplements can enhance your overall performance during exercise.

Improved Pumps and Muscle Growth: Alpha Lion supplements may promote muscle pumps, leading to increased blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles, potentially contributing to muscle growth and repair.

Enhanced Strength and Endurance: Some Alpha Lion supplements may help individuals experience increased strength and endurance during training, allowing them to train harder and longer.

Reduced Muscle Soreness: Alpha Lion supplements may help reduce muscle soreness and promote recovery, allowing individuals to bounce back faster from intense workouts.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance: Alpha Lion offers nootropic supplements that may enhance cognitive function, including memory, focus, and mental processing speed.

Weight Management and Fat Loss: Alpha Lion's line of fat burners may promote thermogenesis, the process of heat production in the body, resulting in increased calorie expenditure and fat loss.

Overall Well-being and Vitality: Alpha Lion supplements may contribute to overall well-being and vitality by supporting energy levels, reducing stress, and promoting muscle growth and recovery.

Comprehensive Nutrition: Alpha Lion understands the importance of holistic health. Many supplements include essential vitamins, ensuring your body receives the nutrients it needs for overall well-being.

Transparent Formulas: Alpha Lion is committed to transparency. The ingredients used in their supplements are openly communicated, allowing users to make informed choices about what they put into their bodies.

Drawbacks of Alpha Lion

Like any product, Alpha Lion has its set of advantages and disadvantages. The decision to incorporate Alpha Lion into your regimen involves considering whether the potential benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

With that in mind, let's explore some of the potential side effects associated with Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre-Workout:

Performance Enhancement Questions: Some uncertainties surround how much it improves physical performance and whether it can deliver its promised results.

DMHA: Alpha Lion SuperHuman Pre Workout contains DMHA, a stimulant that is not approved for use in dietary supplements by the FDA. It is important to note that many sources suggest that they have not reformulated their supplements with DMHA.

Artificial Flavor: Some Alpha Lion supplements may contain artificial flavors. We certainly wouldn't recommend using artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners on a regular basis.

Additive Ingredients: Certain sources raise questions about the additive ingredients present in Alpha Lion supplements.

Alpha Lion Reviews

The Superhuman pre-workout boasts over 2,000 reviews on Amazon. Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre Workout receives varied feedback on both independent review sites and Amazon.

On Amazon, the supplement holds an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Many users have experienced the result and reported that it is effective. However, a significant portion of users expressed disappointment, stating that they experienced no significant effects despite adhering to the recommended dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions: Alpha Lion Review

Q: Is Alpha Lion a Legitimate Brand in the Fitness Supplement Market?

A: Yes, Alpha Lion is a legitimate sports nutrition brand with a strong emphasis on transparency, research-backed ingredients, and positive customer experiences.

Q: Are Alpha Lion Supplements Safe?

A: Alpha Lion supplements are generally considered safe when used as directed. However, individual responses may vary, and consulting healthcare professionals is advisable.

Q: What products does Alpha Lion offer?

A: Alpha Lion provides a diverse selection of supplements, encompassing pre-workout supplements, protein powders, and weight loss supplements.

Q: Are Alpha Lion supplements vegan?

A: Not all Alpha Lion supplements are vegan. However, they do offer a variety of vegan-friendly options. To identify vegan-friendly products, always check the product labeling and description carefully.

Q: Can I take Alpha Lion products on an empty stomach?

A: Yes, you can consume Alpha Lion's Pre-Workout products on an empty stomach. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that a few individuals may encounter mild stomach discomfort.


Ultimately, Alpha Lion emerges as a legitimate choice for those seeking supplements to support their fitness journey. The brand's dedication to quality, transparency, and research-backed formulations aligns with the needs of individuals aiming to improve their overall well-being and achieve fitness goals. While some products have potential side effects, the brand is committed to transparency and provides research-backed ingredients.

As with any supplement, individual responses may vary, and consulting with healthcare professionals is advisable. Ultimately, the decision to incorporate Alpha Lion supplements into your routine should be based on your individual needs and goals.


Written and Sponsored by Leonard Shemtob

Leonard Shemtob is President of Strong Supplements. Leonard has been in the supplement space for over 20 years, specializing in fitness supplements and nutrition. Leonard appears on many podcasts, written over 100 articles about supplements and has studied nutrition, supplementation and bodybuilding. 

Leonard's articles have been published in many top publications around the web. Leonard enjoys weight training, playing basketball and yoga, and also enjoys hiking. In his free time he studies and works on improving himself. For more detailed information, visit his official blog.