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N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Full Review

N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Full Review

Posted by Leonard Shemtob on Sep 19, 2023

Muscle pumps during training is not just for visual appeal.

It's also about nourishing the muscle with essential nutrients, leading to better performance and recovery.

Enter N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the latest buzz in the world of nitric oxide boosters.

Let's examine the components of this potent formula to get a better understanding of its core strengths.

Short Summary:

  • A detailed examination of N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals as a top nitric oxide booster.
  • Closer look at key ingredients like Glycersize, Beet Root Extract, Pine Bark 95% Extract, and Acacia Catechu Extract highlighted for their pump-enhancing and performance boosting benefits.
  • Buy N'Gorge Xtreme today and start enhancing your workout sessions.

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N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

N'Gorge Xtreme takes your workouts up a notch with better muscle pumps and more stamina.

It capitalizes on an ensemble of key ingredients that collectively enhance nitric oxide production in the body. More nitric oxide means wider blood vessels, enhanced blood flow, and hence, a pronounced muscle pump.

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients behind this amazing formula!

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

Glycersize (65% glycerol powder)

  • Mechanism of Action: Glycerol increases the fluid volume inside muscle cells. This process, called hyperhydration, allows muscles to work longer and harder.
  • Glycersize Benefits: Delays fatigue, boosts endurance, and intensifies muscle pumps during workouts.

Beet Root Extract

  • Mechanism of Action: Nitrates from beets convert to nitric oxide in the body, leading to the expansion/widening of blood vessels.
  • Beet Root Extract Benefits: Enhanced blood flow to muscles, better nutrient delivery, and a killer pump.

Sodium Nitrate

  • Mechanism of Action: A direct precursor to nitric oxide, sodium nitrate facilitates the widening of blood vessels.
  • Sodium Nitrate Benefits: Improved muscle oxygenation and nutrient delivery, resulting in extended workout stamina.

Pine Bark 95% Extract

  • Mechanism of Action: Contains proanthocyanidins that boost nitric oxide levels in the blood.
  • Pine Bark 95% Extract Benefits: Supports heart health, increased endurance, and promotes vibrant skin, apart from the expected muscular pump.

European Grape Seed 95% Extract

  • Mechanism of Action: Rich in antioxidants that promote nitric oxide production and protect NO from breaking down.
  • European Grape Seed Benefits: Enhanced blood flow, reduced muscle damage from oxidative stress, and improved post-workout recovery.

Acacia Catechu Extract 40% Epicatechin

  • Mechanism of Action: Epicatechin supplements can boost nitric oxide production and inhibit its breakdown.
  • Epicatechin Benefits: Prolonged muscle pump, increased strength, enhanced muscular endurance, and muscle growth potential.

How Does It Fare Against Other Top Ranking Nitric Oxide Boosters?

Here are some of the other top dogs in the Nitric Oxide Booster category:

N.O. Overload by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

N.O. Overload by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Another fantastic blend from Hi-Tech. A powder form pre-workout that focuses on a multi-pathway approach to amplify nitric oxide synthesis.

Super Swole by Competitive Edge Labs

Super Swole by Competitive Edge Labs

A potent blend of clinically researched ingredients promising explosive pumps and vascularity.

Noxygen Liquid Caps by Purus Labs

Noxygen Liquid Caps by Purus Labs

A stimulant-free Nitric Oxide boosting formula designed to amplify muscle volume and enhance blood flow.

Vasoforce XT by SNSVasoforce Rush by SNS

Vasoforce XT by SNS and Vasoforce Rush by SNS

Both products from SNS are excellent choices for pumps and vasodilation. SNS engineered them to provide the ultimate pump and enhanced nutrient uptake during workouts.

Our Honest Expert Opinion

Navigating the maze of supplements designed for enhancing muscle and boosting athletic performance can be daunting. Every product promises unparalleled benefits, but how does N'Gorge Xtreme nitric oxide booster truly measure up?

People have praised natural ingredients such as green tea and dark chocolate for their health perks for a long time. For example, dark chocolate contains epicatechin, which experts believe might block myostatin.

Myostatin is a protein that inhibits new muscle growth. By lowering myostatin, this action can enhance lean muscle mass and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The inclusion of Acacia Catechu Extract, rich in epicatechin, in N'Gorge Xtreme is a nod to this benefit. 

This is what makes N'Gorge so unique compared to other nitric oxide boosters on the market. Unlike its competitors, N'Gorge provides a natural anabolic ingredient to help support lean muscle in addition to its pump enhancing benefits.

Some nitric oxide boosters might boost performance but may also come with unwanted side effects. N'Gorge Xtreme holds an advantage over its competitors in this regard. Its ingredients are well-chosen, aiming for both better performance and health.

However, while Super Swole by Competitive Edge Labs and N.O. Overload by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals have their merits, the combination of ingredients in N'Gorge Xtreme appears more holistic. It not only helps with blood flow for sports, but also has ingredients that can boost overall health and muscle growth.

That being said, it's essential to highlight that no supplement, even one as promising as N'Gorge Xtreme, is a silver bullet. Muscle building requires a balance of diet, exercise, and recovery. 

All things considered, we give N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals a solid rating of 8.5 out of 10

To Wrap Things Up

From an expert's standpoint, N'Gorge Xtreme does seem to be a cut above many of its competitors. 

It smartly combines ingredients to not just amplify muscle pump and athletic prowess but also offer health advantages.

To really build muscle effectively, you need good food, exercise, rest, and the right supplements.

Achieving a pronounced muscle pump during workouts extends beyond mere self-satisfaction.

It's a sign that your muscles are getting the nutrients and oxygen they need to grow and recover.

N'Gorge Xtreme by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is one of the best out there because of its potent nitric oxide boosting formula.

Whether you're a pro or just getting into fitness, this supplement can help boost your workouts and get you better results.

Written and Sponsored by Leonard Shemtob

Leonard Shemtob is President of Strong Supplements. Leonard has been in the supplement space for over 20 years, specializing in fitness supplements and nutrition. Leonard appears on many podcasts, written over 100 articles about supplements and has studied nutrition, supplementation and bodybuilding. 

Leonard's articles have been published in many top publications around the web. Leonard enjoys weight training, playing basketball and yoga, and also enjoys hiking. In his free time he studies and works on improving himself. For more detailed information, visit his official blog.

N'Gorge Xtreme FAQs

N'Gorge Xtreme brings together a unique combination of ingredients, making it one of the top contenders in the NO booster category. While products like Vasoforce Rush also offer immense benefits, the individual blend of N'Gorge sets it apart.
It's always best to consult a healthcare professional. You can usually safely combine N'Gorge Xtreme along with other pre-workouts. Just make that there are no repeated ingredients that can potentially lead to excessive intake.
Beet Root is a natural powerhouse of nitrates, which directly translates to enhanced nitric oxide production and muscle pumps.
The Food and Drug Administration hasn't evaluated N'Gorge by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. While most supplements don't require FDA approval for sale, companies have the responsibility to ensure their safety.

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