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Specimen Pre Workout vs Wild Thing: Battle For Supremacy!

Specimen Pre Workout vs Wild Thing: Battle For Supremacy!

Posted by Leonard Shemtob on Oct 11, 2023

When you're on the hunt for the perfect pre workout formula, it's crucial to make an informed decision

Introducing: Glaxon's Specimen and Assault Labs' Wild Thing.

Two power-packed contenders in the arena of preworkout supplements, but which one reigns supreme?

Let's examine the differences between these two amazing preworkouts.

Short Summary:

  • Comprehensive comparison between Specimen Genesis by Glaxon and Wild Thing by Assault Labs.
  • Dive into the unique ingredients each preworkout brings to the table, highlighting their distinct performance-enhancing effects.
  • Buy Specimen's advanced blend or Wild Thing's balanced energy boost to amplify your workouts!
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Ingredient Breakdown

Specimen Genesis by Glaxon

Specimen Genesis Pre Workout by Glaxon

Glaxon's Pre Workout, Specimen Genesis is a unique pre workout formula designed to take your performance up a notch. Far surpassing the standards of the typical pre workout formula with its unique blend of ingredients.

Key Ingredients:
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Support energy, immune system, muscle function, bones, nerves, heart, and general health
  • Beta Alanine: Enhances athletic performance & exercise capacity
  • Betaine Nitrate (NO3-T): Increases blood flow & muscle pumps
  • D-Beta Hydroxybutyrate: Provides energy, especially during ketogenic diets
  • Betaine Anhydrous: Supports cellular hydration & resilience
  • Astrolyte: Replenishes electrolytes & supports hydration
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Boosts energy & focus
  • Velvet Bean Extract: Enhances mood & boosts testosterone
  • VitaCholine: Supports cognitive function & liver health
  • Cognizin: Boosts memory & cognitive function
  • English Ivy: Aids respiratory health


Specimen Supp Facts

Wild Thing by Assault Labs

Wild Thing Pre Workout by Assault Labs

Wild Thing elevates your training sessions with a complete pre-workout formula that goes beyond the average. This formula boosts energy, sharpens focus, and intensifies muscle pumps.

Key Ingredients:
  • Niacin, Vitamin B5, & B12: Aids metabolism, energy production, & brain function
  • Beta Alanine: Delays muscle fatigue, improves workout performance
  • Creatine Anhydrous: Enhances power output, muscle growth, & recovery
  • Choline: Supports cognitive functions
  • Agmatine Sulfate: Amplifies nitric oxide production, aiding in muscle pumps
  • L-Glutamine: Supports muscle recovery & immune health
  • L-Theanine: Reduces stress & enhances focus without jitters
  • L-Norvaline: Boosts nitric oxide, increasing vascular pumps
  • PEA: Elevates mood & increases focus
  • Cocoa Extract: Contains antioxidants & can improve mood
  • N-Phenylacetyl: Enhances cognitive function & memory
  • Huperzine A: Boosts learning, memory, & neural protection


Wild Thing Supp Facts

Pros and Cons

Specimen Preworkout

  • Fully disclosed ingredient panel
  • Enhanced mind-muscle connection
  • Designed to energize, hydrate, and increase power output.
  • Only 21 servings per jar
  • A little more costly

Wild Thing by Assault Labs

  • Potent blend of nootropic ingredients
  • More well-rounded formula
  • Fully transparent ingredient panel
  • 25 servings per jar
  • 350mg Caffeine Anhydrous might be intense for users with stimulant sensitivities.

Both preworkouts come in a variety of flavors and provide fully transparent ingredient panels.

Wild Thing and Specimen do not contain Yohimbe and have 300mg+ of caffeine per each serving.

Our Expert Opinion

While both products pack a punch, Wild Thing by Assault Labs edges slightly ahead over Glaxon's Pre Workout formula.

Its a complete workout formula that in turn provides amazing pump, focus, and energy, and cognitive enhancing benefits.

Additionally, the cost per serving gives Wild Thing the edge.

Specimen, while impressive, falls a bit short in its formula, serving count, & cost.

Wild Thing by Assault Labs#1 CHOICE

To Wrap Things Up

Deciding between Specimen & Wild Thing boils down to personal preference and budget.

Looking for a formula designed to energize, hydrate, and increase power output with clear ingredients? Choose Specimen.

Want to take your workouts from mediocre to extraordinary with greater energy levels, pumps, and enhanced mind-muscle connection? Choose Wild Thing.

Written and Sponsored by Leonard Shemtob

Leonard Shemtob is President of Strong Supplements. Leonard has been in the supplement space for over 20 years, specializing in fitness supplements and nutrition. Leonard appears on many podcasts, written over 100 articles about supplements and has studied nutrition, supplementation and bodybuilding. 

Leonard's articles have been published in many top publications around the web. Leonard enjoys weight training, playing basketball and yoga, and also enjoys hiking. In his free time he studies and works on improving himself. For more detailed information, visit his official blog.

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Specimen VS Wild Thing FAQs

Specimen provides 21 servings while Wild Thing offers 25 servings.
Wild Thing includes L-Glutamine, known for promoting recovery.