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​5 Best Mood and Energy Supplements to Try Today

​5 Best Mood and Energy Supplements to Try Today

Posted by Leonard Shemtob on Sep 26, 2023

5 Best Mood and Energy Supplements to Try Today

Are you searching for effective ways to enhance your mood and improve your energy levels naturally? Look no further! In this article, we will delve into the world of supplements designed to elevate your spirits and give you that extra energy kick you need to seize the day. Life can throw many challenges our way, from daily stressors to feelings of fatigue that can hold us back. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can help you overcome these hurdles and improve your overall well-being.

In the following sections, we will explore the top 5 mood and energy supplements that you can start using today. These supplements have gained recognition for their potential to promote a more positive outlook on life and provide the vitality needed to tackle your daily tasks with enthusiasm. Whether you're dealing with everyday stress or low energy, or just want to optimize your emotional and physical health, these supplements offer promising options to help you on your journey.

Let's dive in and explore the best options to enhance your mood and vitality.

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Short Summary

  • Understanding the Need: In today's fast-paced world, it's common to experience fatigue, stress, and low moods due to the demands of daily life. This article delves into the significance of mood and energy supplements as a practical solution to address these issues.
  • Top 5 Supplements: Dive into an exploration of the top 5 mood and energy supplements available today. Each of these supplements comes with its unique benefits, catering to various aspects of your mental and physical well-being.
  • Benefits Unveiled: Discover how these supplements can positively impact your life. From boosting your cellular energy production for a more productive day to enhancing your mood, these natural solutions have the potential to make a remarkable difference in your overall well-being.
  • Choosing Your Ideal Companion: Armed with knowledge about these top mood and energy supplements, you'll be better equipped to select the one that aligns with your specific goals and lifestyle.
  • Discover Your Mood and Energy Boost: Are you ready to enhance your mood and energy levels? Explore our top recommended mood and energy supplement, "Stress & Anxiety Support by SNS," and start feeling better today!
  • Find the Perfect Mood Enhancer: Looking for more options to uplift your mood? Dive into our comprehensive collection of mood enhancement supplements tailored to meet your unique needs.
  • Elevate Your Energy Levels: Looking for additional ways to boost your energy? Dive into our separate article on "5 Best Energy Supplements That Work & Why." Discover the supplements that can power up your day!

Mood Improvers - Quick Picks:

Stress & Anxiety Support by SNS – Top Choice

Sabroxy XT by SNS – Runner-Up

Infinite Brain by Psycho Pharma – Best for mood, brain health, and focus.

KannaEase by Serious Nutrition Solutions – top choice for mood, relaxation, and calmness.

Eria Jarensis by Serious Nutrition Solutions – Offers Clean energy, better mood and focus.

Top 5 Mood and Energy Supplements

1- Stress & Anxiety Support by SNS

Stress & Anxiety Support by SNS

In our fast-paced world, it's becoming increasingly challenging to escape the daily stresses and anxieties that life throws our way. Whether it's the demands of work, family responsibilities, or the combination of various factors, stress and anxiety are common companions for many of us. Recognizing the need to address these issues, Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) has introduced a solution – Stress & Anxiety Support.

Stress & Anxiety Support from SNS is specifically designed to help you navigate the challenges of stress and anxiety that you encounter in your daily life. This formula is crafted with the aim of alleviating chronic stress and anxiety symptoms, providing a potential reprieve from your daily concerns.

Notably, Stress & Anxiety Support contains carefully selected, clinically studied ingredients, without resorting to proprietary blends. These components work harmoniously to instill a sense of calmness and relaxation, offering a potential path to relief from the burdens of stress and anxiety.

If you find that the weight of your daily stresses and worries is taking a toll on your well-being, consider giving SNS Stress & Anxiety Support a try. It might just be the solution you've been searching for to regain a greater sense of calm and balance in your life.

Key Benefits:

  • It is a natural stress and anxiety support.
  • It relieves symptoms and chronic stress and anxiety.
  • It helps relieve the symptoms of worry and nervousness.
  • It promotes relaxation, mental focus, and positive mood.
  • It helps reduce brain for related to stress and anxiety.
  • It improves a sense of well-being.
  • It supports a sense of calmness and relaxed mood.

Key Ingredients:

Sensoril® Ashwagandha: Sensoril® is an ashwagandha extract that has undergone extensive clinical research, with over ten human trials demonstrating its ability to effectively address various aspects of well-being. This natural extract has been shown to assist in stress management, increase energy levels, alleviate fatigue, promote a heightened sense of well-being, sharpen focus and reaction times, and boost cognitive mental health, mood, and vitality.

Notably, for those striving to shed excess body fat, it's worth mentioning that numerous scientific studies have established a connection between stress and cortisol-induced overeating and weight gain.

Sensoril® has been rigorously tested in clinical settings to reduce cortisol levels, potentially curbing stress-induced cravings and overeating, which could contribute to fat loss and improved body composition.

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Rhodiola Rosea (Standardized to at least 3% Salidrosides): Frequently utilized for its potential to alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms, Rhodiola Rosea offers a wide range of benefits.

These include stress reduction, enhanced mental focus, heightened clarity and concentration, diminished brain fog, decreased mental and physical fatigue, increased endurance both physically and mentally, improved mental processing speed with reduced errors, support for a positive mood, an enhanced sense of well-being, and numerous other advantages.

Bacopa Monnieri (Standardized to 50% Bacosides): Recognized for its adaptogenic and nootropic qualities, it enhances cognitive function. This remarkable herb offers a multitude of potential advantages, such as aiding in stress and anxiety management, fostering a healthy stress response, reducing depressive symptoms, promoting a positive mood, and enhancing overall well-being.

Clinical research has also demonstrated that Bacopa Monnieri can lead to substantial enhancements in spatial memory (working memory), memory precision, and the capacity to process visual information.

L-Theanine: It is an amino acid naturally found in green tea, and offers a soothing and relaxing effect. With its impact on brain function, it falls into the category of nootropic (cognitive-enhancing) amino acids and is recognized as an adaptogen.

L-Theanine is often linked to reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, enhanced mental focus, greater clarity, and concentration (reduced brain fog), heightened motivation and energy levels, an enhanced sense of well-being, a positive mood, and a host of other benefits.

2- Sabroxy XT by SNS

Sabroxy XT by SNS

Are you seeking laser-like focus and a boost in motivation to accomplish your tasks? Look no further! SNS introduces Sabroxy XT, an innovative supplement meticulously crafted to enhance focus, and mental clarity, promote longevity, and combat the effects of aging.

At its core, it features the key ingredient Sabroxy®, standardized to a minimum of 10% Oroxylin A, delivering a spectrum of benefits for those dedicated to their overall health and well-being.

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Sabroxy XT shines with its exceptional ability to bolster mental focus and clarity. Sabroxy®, a proprietary extract from the esteemed Sabinsa Corporation, is derived from the Coleus forskohlii herb. Research has demonstrated its ability to augment cognitive function, including enhancements in memory and attention span.

This makes Sabroxy XT an ideal selection for individuals requiring sustained focus and mental acuity throughout the day. Beyond its cognitive support, Sabroxy XT also extends its benefits to promote longevity and combat the effects of aging.

Oroxylin A, a potent flavonoid, exhibits formidable antioxidant properties. Antioxidants play a pivotal role in neutralizing harmful free radicals within the body, which can contribute to the aging process and the development of chronic ailments. By mitigating oxidative stress, Oroxylin A has the potential to decelerate aging and bolster overall health and well-being.

Sabroxy XT is a safe and effective supplement for those who want to improve their focus, clarity, and motivation. It doesn't have any stimulants or harmful ingredients, and it's supported by research that shows it works and is safe.

This powerful supplement supports better focus, a longer and healthier life, and slowing down the aging process. It's a great choice if you want to boost your brainpower, reduce the effects of aging, and stay healthy.

Key Benefits:

  • It improves cognitive function and mental clarity.
  • It promotes longevity and anti-gaining.
  • It helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • It helps boost memory and attention span.
  • It supports and nourishes the skin.
  • It promotes neurogenesis (neuron formation).
  • It also enhances respiratory health.
  • It improves your immune system.

3- Infinite Brain by Psycho Pharma

Infinite Brain by Psycho Pharma

Introducing Psycho Pharma Infinite Brain, a brand-new dietary supplement that's like a boost for your brain. This potent formula fosters enhanced cognitive functions, bolsters memory and concentration, and promotes mood stability.

From athletes to gamers, Infinite Brain is your ally in elevating both mental and physical prowess and enhancing brain function, focus, and attention span. It brings together a synergy of cognitive-enhancing nootropics, mood enhancers, and a touch of caffeine, creating the ideal formula to elevate you beyond the ordinary.

Key Benefits:

  • It improves brain functions.
  • It enhances your concentration and focus.
  • It promotes faster learning and focus.
  • It supports mood health.
  • It helps boost your attention span.

Key Ingredients:

Alpha-GPC is a water-soluble choline derivative, which the body converts into acetylcholine, a vital neurotransmitter. Scientific research has demonstrated that supplementing with Alpha-GPC effectively boosts acetylcholine levels in the brain. This boost leads to significant improvements in memory and concentration, even for younger individuals.

Furthermore, it activates the parasympathetic system, inducing relaxation and calmness, while also elevating GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter) and growth hormone (GH, a regenerative hormone). It reduces adrenergic activity associated with the sympathetic system, thereby alleviating the effects of stress and irritability.

Caffeine Anhydrous works by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain, which leads to reduced feelings of fatigue during exercise. Its thermogenic properties also contribute to effective fat-burning and enhanced metabolism. Moreover, it also increases energy levels and improves mood.

Theobromine is a recognized stimulant with milder effects compared to caffeine. It serves as a mild stimulant for the nervous system, enhancing alertness and uplifting mood. Notably, theobromine has a longer-lasting impact, providing a more sustained boost without leading to a sudden energy crash after consumption, unlike caffeine.

L-Glutamine: This amino acid naturally produced in your muscles, when taken as a supplement, stimulates muscle growth, guards against muscle breakdown, and enhances muscle recovery.

Mucuna Pruriens: Mucuna Pruriens is an adaptogenic herb known for its potential to boost LH (Luteinizing Hormone) levels, subsequently promoting increased testosterone production and release. Additionally, it has the capacity to raise growth hormone (GH) levels while reducing prolactin levels by enhancing the synthesis of the dopamine neurotransmitter.

Dicaffeine Malate functions similarly to caffeine but offers the added advantage of being easier on the stomach, providing sustained effects, and leading to a milder energy crash.

Lion's Mane: Research shows that including Lion's Mane in your routine can support brain health by stimulating the growth of new nerve cells and enhancing their communication. As a result, Lion's Mane is commonly used as a supplement to enhance cognitive abilities, memory, and concentration.

L-Theanine: L-Theanine enhances alpha brain waves, fostering both alertness and relaxation. Furthermore, it elevates theta brain waves, linked to creativity and emotional relief. Additionally, it increases levels of GABA, serotonin, and dopamine in the brain, delivering an energizing and calming effect while enhancing cognitive function and memory.

Huperzine A is an alkaloid known for its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. It acts as an inhibitor of acetylcholine degradation, thereby enhancing nerve conduction and exerting a notable effect on concentration, cognitive association, and memory.

Additionally, it aids in mitigating the effects of oxidative stress, acts as an antidepressant, and possesses neuroprotective properties that enhance overall well-being.

B Vitamins (Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12): Vitamin B6 enhances mood and augments cognitive function, particularly when used in combination with vitamin B12. Vitamin B12: Elevates mood, synergizes effectively with vitamin B6, and provides energy support.

Taurine: Within your brain, taurine functions as both a neurotransmitter and a neuromodulator. It triggers GABA and glycine receptors, impacting memory and mood.

Customer Reviews

5-stars.pngnice, smooth energy, focus and mood boost

“this product gives me a nice lift towards the middle of my work day, it gives me energy, improves my focus and mood, it does not make me anxious, it does not make me crash, and no headaches as sometimes happens to me with other products. I got the brain nectar flavor (whatever that is lol), but it tastes great, kind of peachy-lemony flavor, not too sweet. great product!”


5-stars.pngFocused, Awake, Alert, & Creative

“I use this as a pick-me-up after long hours of work. It does an amazing job in giving me not only a boost in overall energy but also makes a huge difference when it comes to concentrating on finishing my tasks. It really helps me get in the zone. I've been using it as a substitute for coffee since I felt like coffee wasn't really doing the trick for me anymore. This stuff is great! Hats off to psycho pharma for making yet another awesome nootropic. I personally like this new version better than the previous formula as I no longer get any headaches or that antsy feeling I was getting with the original version. I've recommended it to a bunch of my associates and friends at work. Good stuff and definitely worth a try if you're someone like me who gets a nasty carb crash after lunch.”


5-stars.pngWill buy again

“Real clarity and uplifting mood! Will buy again. Felt like clean energy. Lasted a solid 6-7 hours.”


4- KannaEase by Serious Nutrition Solutions

KannaEase by Serious Nutrition Solutions

SNS KannaEase™ is a supplement featuring a potent South African mood-enhancing herb, commonly used to alleviate stress and enhance cognitive function. KannaEase™ is standardized to contain a high alkaloid content (0.5% total alkaloids) and utilizes freeze-dried raw materials of the utmost biological value.

This supplement offers a rich alkaloid profile, including the predominant Mesembrine. In today's increasingly stressful world, managing stress is crucial to our overall well-being, as prolonged stress levels can have adverse effects on the body, including sleep disturbances. Incorporating KannaEase can contribute to improved relaxation, comfort, and heightened cognitive function.

While the potent ingredient in KannaEase aids in achieving inner calm, it also enhances concentration, fosters a positive mood, and bolsters your sense of well-being.

Key Benefits:

  • It supports a healthy mood.
  • It promotes relaxation and calmness.
  • It helps enhance focus and concentration.
  • It supports an improved sense of well-being.
  • It helps with stress and anxiety management.
  • It boosts your focus.
  • It promotes restful sleep.

5- Eria Jarensis by Serious Nutrition Solutions

Eria Jarensis by Serious Nutrition Solutions

Looking for a rapid and potent energy boost? Look no further than Eria Jarensis by SNS. In just 15 minutes, it delivers long-lasting, mood-enhancing, and clean energy. But that's not all – Eria Jarensis goes beyond energy; it also sharpens your focus, heightens alertness, and induces a sense of euphoria. Additionally, it aids in fat burning, anxiety reduction, and appetite suppression!

Eria Jarensis achieves these effects by elevating the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the body. These two powerhouses are responsible for lifting your mood, enhancing focus, and igniting motivation. As a result, you can experience euphoria and a heightened sense of motivation.

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Key Benefits:

  • It helps improve your focus.
  • It boosts your mood.
  • It increases both your mental and physical energy.
  • It enhances your focus and concentration.
  • It helps burn fat.
  • It increases your alertness.
  • It enhances your mental activity.

Key Ingredients:

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine, also known as Eria Jarensis, is derived from a plant whose extract contains substances from the phenylethylamine class, specifically N-methyl-phenethylamine (N-methyl-PEA) and N, N-dimethyl-phenethylamine (N, N-dimethyl-PEA).

These potent compounds function as neuromodulators within the (CNS) Central Nervous System. By doing so, Eria Jarensis has the capacity to elevate dopamine and noradrenaline levels, which play a significant role in managing your mood and overall emotional state.

How to Choose the Right Mood and Energy Supplement:

Selecting the ideal mood and energy supplement is a crucial decision that should align with your individual needs and goals. Here are some essential factors to consider when making your choice:

Identify Your Specific Goals: Start by defining your objectives. Are you looking to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance focus and concentration, elevate your mood, increase energy levels, or a combination of these? Knowing your primary goals will help you narrow down your options.

Consult with a Healthcare Expert: Before adding any new supplement to your regimen, it's wise to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a physician or a registered dietitian.

Research the Ingredients: Take the time to research the ingredients in the supplement. Understand their mechanisms of action and how they may address your specific concerns. Look for supplements with clinically studied ingredients that have demonstrated efficacy in peer-reviewed research.

Check for Transparency: Ensure the supplement manufacturer provides transparent information about the ingredients, including their dosages. Avoid products that use proprietary blends, as they may hide the specific amounts of active ingredients.

Consider Your Tolerance: Some individuals may have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients. Pay attention to any potential allergens or sensitivities and choose supplements that are free from these components.

Quality and Brand Reputation: Select supplements from reputable brands known for their commitment to quality and safety.

Dosage and Form: Check the recommended dosage and the form of the supplement (e.g., capsules, tablets, powder). Consider your preferences and convenience when choosing the form.

Potential Interactions and Allergies: Take note of any potential interactions with medications you are currently taking. Consult your healthcare provider to address any concerns. Be aware of any allergies or sensitivities you may have to specific ingredients in the supplement

User Reviews and Testimonials: Review user feedback and testimonials to gain valuable insights into individuals' real-life experiences with the supplement.

Start Slowly: When you've selected a supplement, start with the lowest recommended dosage to assess how your body responds. Gradually increase the dosage as needed while monitoring for any side effects or changes in mood and energy.

Monitor Your Progress: Regularly evaluate your mood, energy levels, and overall well-being while using the supplement. Adjust your regimen as necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I take mood and energy supplements with my prescription medications?

A: It's crucial to consult with a healthcare expert before combining supplements with prescription medications. Some supplements may interact with medications, potentially affecting their effectiveness or causing adverse effects.

Q: How long does it take to see results from mood and energy supplements?

A: The time it takes to experience results can differ depending on the supplement and individual factors. Some people may notice improvements in mood and energy levels within a few days, while others may take several weeks of consistent use. It's essential to be patient and monitor your progress while using the supplement, adjusting the dosage if necessary.

Q: Are mood and energy supplements safe to use?

A: Mood and energy supplements can be safe when used as directed and when sourced from reputable manufacturers. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare expert before starting any new supplement, especially if you have underlying health problems or are taking medications.

Final Thoughts

In a busy world full of stress and challenges, finding ways to boost your mood and energy naturally is important. In this article, we've explored the top 5 supplements that can help you feel better and more energetic.

Each of these supplements has its own unique benefits. Some can help you manage stress and anxiety, while others can improve your focus and energy.

Improving your mood and energy is a personal journey, and results can vary. It's not just about supplements; maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, regular exercise, enough sleep, and stress management is also important.

Your well-being is precious, and with the right supplements and healthy habits, you can enjoy a brighter and happier future. So, take small steps toward a healthier you, and here's to a more vibrant life!


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Written and Sponsored by Leonard Shemtob

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