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Does Testosterone Increase Size?

As the quest for building a stronger, more muscular physique continues, one common query that pops up is, "Does testosterone increase size?"

The simple answer is yes, testosterone plays a pivotal role in size and overall muscle development.

While it's essential for masculine traits and a host of bodily functions, its influence on muscle mass is undeniable.

In this guide, we'll take a deep dive into the best testosterone boosting supplements as well as natural and hormonal bulking agents that can be used along with or alternatively to natural test boosters.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Reignite your body's natural testosterone production with these top-tier supplements:

  • Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs: Known for its potent blend of 16 active ingredients, it's a front-runner when it comes to elevating testosterone levels.

  • DAA Max by Vital Alchemy: DAA Max is a pure D-Aspartic Acid supplement, a key ingredient that's been clinically shown to increase testosterone production.

  • Thunderstruck by Psycho Pharma: Fortify your testosterone levels with this unique blend of ingredients designed to elevate your natural production.

  • M-Test by Competitive Edge Labs: M-Test provides a dynamic mix of traditional herbs and modern ingredients, formulated to increase testosterone levels naturally.

  • 17-Beta by iSatori: A unique blend of natural ingredients to support natural testosterone production, increased strength, and enhanced muscle mass.


Natural Bulking Agents

If your test levels are already in an optimal range or if you are already taking a test booster, consider harnessing the power of natural bulking agents like the ones below to help you build muscle without tampering with your hormonal balance:

  • AnaFuse by Vital Alchemy: A powerful natural anabolic formula that contains Epicatechin, Turkesterone, HICA, and Eriobotrya Japonica designed to increase muscle size, enhance muscular endurance, and boost strength without influencing your hormone levels.

  • AlphaBulk by Olympus Labs: Packed with powerful ingredients like PhytoFUSE, UroBolin, α-Cedrene, and α-lonone, AlphaBulk significantly aids users in muscle growth without effecting your hormonal balance.

  • Colossal Muscle by Hard Rock Supplements: Using Turkesterone and 20-Hydroxyecdysone, Colossal Muscle helps users achieve significant muscle gains without having to worry about altering hormone levels.

  • Epi 2.0 by Vital Alchemy: A myostatin inhibitor that focuses on both building muscle and improving muscular endurance, ensuring you get the best of both worlds without hormonal impact.


Hormonal Bulking Agents

For those wanting to take the more hardcore approach instead of using a natural test booster, a hormonal bulking agent can significantly increase testosterone levels far beyond what the natural test boosters above can.

  • Super Mandro by Hard Rock Supplements: Containing a popular prohormone ingredient known as 1-Andro, Super Mandro converts into 1-testosterone which offers a far higher anabolic ratio in comparison to testosterone.

  • Andro the Giant by Hard Rock Supplements: A powerful blend with a base of 4-Andro which converts into testosterone through a 2 step process, ideal for those looking for notable increases in test levels.

  • Helladrol by Innovative Labs: Features a 3-in-1 blend of ingredients including 4-Andro, 1,4-Andro, and arimistane designed to synthetically increase testosterone levels and aid in increased strength and muscle mass.


*Please note that these prohormone supplements are very potent and can deliver fast results but can also come with some risks of side effects. They shouldn't be used continuously; restrict usage to 2 - 3 cycles a year (each cycle lasting 6 to 8 weeks, followed by a 4-week PCT and a 6 to 8-week off-cycle phase). Hormonal anabolics such as the ones mentioned above are only suggested for users age 25 and up who have at least 2+ years of consistent training experience.*

To Wrap Things Up

Understanding the role testosterone plays in muscle growth is vital for anyone who is serious about their fitness journey.

By opting for the right supplements, whether to boost testosterone naturally, synthetically, or to focus primarily on muscle growth using a natural bulking agent, one can steer their path towards desired goals.

Always remember to consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your supplementation regimen.

Check out our full line-up of Bulking Agents to see all the amazing options that are available to help you in reaching your goals.

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